Rachel Bush, 18-Year-Old Instagram Model: BF Jordan Poyer Accused LeBron James Of Eye Contact [Video]

Rachel Bush is getting plenty of attention today, with the 18-year-old Bush talking about the tweet heard around the world, which has since been deleted. As discussed in the below interview from the Billy Madison Show Podcast on Bro Bible with Rachel, she gives LeBron James the benefit of the doubt, saying it might have been someone running LeBron's Instagram "King James" account that sent the below message to Rachel on Instagram, instead of James himself.

Billy Madison Show Podcast: Did LeBron James make any sort of eye contact with you at all while you were at the game?

Rachel: My boyfriend claims he did (laughs). He has a wife and two or three kids, I know he respects them. There are scenarios where friends and handlers of famous people DM me and try to talk to me pretending to be them.

LeBron is 31-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers star who has been accused of potentially sending the Instagram model the below DM or direct message. Rachel's tweet of the DM allegedly from LeBron has been deleted from the Twitter account with Bush's name on it.

According to the New York Daily News, Rachel shared the below photo on her @Rachel__Bush Twitter account, which shows a King James Instagram message reading, "Hey what's up!"

The Instagram screenshot shows the message sent at 5:50 p.m., with the screenshot taken at 6:11 p.m. While Rachel is quick to give James the benefit of the doubt, those who believe it came from the @kingjames Instagram account via LeBron's own fingers are giving "King James" an earful on Instagram. Whether it came from LeBron or not, Rachel obviously got a kick out of the DM, sharing on Twitter that Bush's "Haha Wut" was a sort of "LOL, what?" message of disbelief that LeBron would contact Rachel.

However, in the above video, Bush writes about getting sent d*** pics all the time in her DMs, but that says that her boyfriend, NFL player Jordan Poyer, didn't take that approach when he contacted her through a direct message. Rachel says that the "King of Instagram" even contacted her with offers of cars and houses and such but that she loves her boyfriend. Bush said that since the "King of Instagram" isn't married, she felt more free to speak about him, since there weren't any wives feelings to consider.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers played in Cleveland on Monday, April 11. That's when Rachel and her boyfriend sat courtside. Jordan told Rachel that LeBron made eye contact with Bush. As such, jokes about James are rife in the above video, with the interviewers joking that Bush caught LeBron's eye.

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[Image via Twitter/Rachel_Bush]Bush said that she knows LeBron is married but wasn't sure if he had two or three children. Indeed, James and Savannah Brinson have been married since September 2014. The couple have three children together. The below photo from Bush's Instagram account proves just how close she was sitting to LeBron 16 hours ago at the game on Monday night.

James and his number 23 jersey can be seen as the basketball players line up and watch one Cavs player at the free-throw line. LeBron has his back to the person taking the photo.

As reported by the New York Daily News, LeBron previously caused a stir for unfollowing the Cavs on Twitter.

Rachel, however, is likely getting plenty more followers in the wake of the LeBron controversy. With 105 posts on Instagram and 226,000 followers Rachel has posted throwback pics of the day she turned 18, on November 1, 2015. She also posted her Florida Atlantic University certificate "for commitment to the ideals of scholarship, leadership and service. Presented on 2/8/2016" to Rachel Leigh Bush, and spoke about earning her associates degree while only 17.

Reactions are flowing into social media about the James and Bush situation."

"LeBron better watch out unless he wants to get laid out by an NFL safety."

"Why y'all mad at her when LeBron was in her DM? Doesn't matter if he just said hey.. He shouldn't be in another woman DM.

"He didn't do anything wrong he was just say what's up"

"Not around playoff time smfh"

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