Rachel Bush, 18-Year-Old Instagram Model: BF Jordan Poyer Accused LeBron James Of Eye Contact [Video]

Rachel Bush is getting plenty of attention today, with the 18-year-old Bush talking about the tweet heard around the world, which has since been deleted. As discussed in the below interview from the Billy Madison Show Podcast on Bro Bible with Rachel, she gives LeBron James the benefit of the doubt, saying it might have been someone running LeBron’s Instagram “King James” account that sent the below message to Rachel on Instagram, instead of James himself.

Billy Madison Show Podcast: Did LeBron James make any sort of eye contact with you at all while you were at the game?

Rachel: My boyfriend claims he did (laughs). He has a wife and two or three kids, I know he respects them. There are scenarios where friends and handlers of famous people DM me and try to talk to me pretending to be them.

LeBron is 31-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers star who has been accused of potentially sending the Instagram model the below DM or direct message. Rachel’s tweet of the DM allegedly from LeBron has been deleted from the Twitter account with Bush’s name on it.