Scarlett Johansson And Ryan Reynold’s Divorce Caused By Hollywood Competition? ‘Captain America’ Star Discusses Dating Actors

Captain America: Civil War star Scarlett Johansson discusses her divorce from fellow actor Ryan Reynolds in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan.

Johansson is currently with French art dealer Romain Dauriac; the two were married in 2014. Scarlett has dated more than one actor in Hollywood, with her past boyfriends being Benicio Del Toro, Sean Penn, Justin Timberlake, Jared Leto, and ex-husband Ryan Reynolds. Although actors dating actors might seem like a reasonable idea for everyone, there are also challenges that come with dating someone who is also in show business.

“The logistics of being with another actor are challenging,” Scarlett Johansson told Cosmopolitan magazine while never outright saying Reynold’s name, but it’s not too hard to imagine that is to whom she is referring. “There has to be a real understanding of how you share your time, especially when two people’s careers are going at the same rate. Or even if one person is more successful than the other; that also proves challenging. There may be a competitive thing.”

Could the Ryan Reynolds/Scarlett Johansson divorce have been brought on by competition? Well, in the last few years of their marriage, it was apparent that Johansson was riding a more stable, successful career than that of her husband at the time. Reynolds was able to star in a big box office success every now and then, like 2009’s The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. But in that same year, Reynolds also played Wade Wilson/Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The movie was critically panned and is passionately hated among comic book fans, specifically noting how the treatment of Deadpool was completely terrible.

The actor was hoping this could be a big hit for him, considering that fans and even the Deadpool comics themselves said Ryan Reynolds would be the perfect actor to play this Merc with a Mouth in a film adaptation. But the film was a flop. Meanwhile, Scarlett Johansson landed her own superhero role — that of Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow in Iron Man 2. The character is incredibly popular in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and she no doubt signed a multi-picture deal at the time. Maybe this got under Ryan’s skin a little bit, but the actor was able to revive Deadpool into a monster success in February.

Scarlett Johansson And Ryan Reynold's Divorce Caused By Hollywood Competition? 'Captain America' Star Discusses Dating Actors
Johansson attends ‘Iron Man 2’ panel discussion during Comic-Con 2009. [Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]

Scarlett’s divorce from Reynold’s was “a very lonely thing,” Johansson said while talking with C Magazine back in 2014. “I’ve had a fair amount of time to process the experience and go forward. I continue to get to know myself better as I get older, and that helps me in my relationships.”

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds first started dating back in 2007, with the two being spotted in public together holding hands, although they were not commenting on their relationship at the time. Reynolds was fresh off of his divorce from singer Alanis Morissette. In May of 2008, Reynolds and Johansson were engaged, with actor Hugh Jackman giving Reynolds his blessing. Why? Well, Jackman and Johansson had previously worked together on 2006’s Scoop as well as Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige, and the two formed a bond, with Jackman even feeling a bit protective of her in a sense.

On September 27, 2008, Ryan and Scarlett got married in a small and quiet ceremony near Tofino, British Columbia. They later purchased a $2.8 million home together close to Los Angeles. But their marriage came to an end in 2010, with the couple announcing their separation on December 14 of that year.

Scarlett Johansson’s success in Hollywood only continued to skyrocket at this time, and the actress began dating Romain Dauriac in late 2012, the year The Avengers was released. Roughly a year later, the two were engaged and were married the following month.

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