‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: Maddie Ziegler And Her Family Prepare For Big Changes, How Will Abby Lee Miller React In ‘Melissa’s Announcement’?

Dance Moms spoilers for Tuesday’s episode detail that there is a big announcement on the way that will significantly shake up Abby Lee Miller and the Abby Lee Dance Company. Buzz had been building for quite some time that Maddie Ziegler would be leaving the series, but until now, her mom, Melissa Gisoni, refused to share any specifics about her plans. However, the April 12 show brings big news in that regard.

According to TV Guide, this Season 6, Episode 15 show is titled simply “Melissa’s Announcement.” After a great deal of speculation, Gisoni is ready to share news regarding her family’s future with the series. Dance Moms spoilers detail that Melissa will tell Abby and everybody else with the ALDC that indeed, Maddie is leaving the show. However, previews have teased that Gisoni has additional news to share that may leave folks a bit stunned.


As was previously shared via the Inquisitr, Maddie isn’t the only one reportedly leaving Dance Moms. Spoilers indicate that Melissa is pulling Mackenzie from the series as well, so the entire family will be bidding farewell in an episode coming soon. Tuesday night’s episode features Gisoni breaking the news, and it is certainly made to appear as if Abby was blindsided by the announcement.

The group’s next competition will feature a group dance based on the movie The Huntsman: Winter’s War. Abby has Maddie and Mackenzie facing off in the performance as opposing queen sisters who enter into a fierce battle against one another. Dance Moms spoilers tease that Abby will be in a tough spot during this episode, and the moms speculate that it is because of the news that she is losing Maddie, Mackenzie, and Melissa.


When it comes to the competition, Dance Moms spoilers via the “DanceMoms.Updates” Instagram page detail that the group dance is titled “Winter’s War.” Teasers indicate that the performance scoops up first place in the junior division at the competition, and it earns a second place in the overall rankings. There are no solo performances by the ALDC girls this week. Instead, there are several duets entered into the competition.

Interestingly, Dance Moms spoilers tease that Maddie gets two of the three duets for this week’s episode. Ziegler does one with Kendall called “Girl Interrupted,” and the ladies apparently score second place in the overall rankings. Maddie’s other duet is with Kalani, and the piece titled “Unbreak My Heart” reportedly earns first place. Nia and Mackenzie do the third piece, “The Long Goodbye,” earning a fifth place overall ranking.


Viewers can expect this to be a rather emotional episode as the moms reflect back on Maddie’s time with the series and with the ALDC. Maddie, Mackenzie, and Melissa will still be involved in a few more episodes after this one, and Dance Moms spoilers share that their last episode will be focused a great deal on saying farewell to them. Fans will be curious to see how the series fares without the family, especially given the fact that Miller is facing a difficult legal case that could impact her ability to continue with the show herself.

Who will rise up to become Abby Lee Miller’s favorite after Maddie Ziegler leaves the show? Will other core dancers depart as the season progresses as some have speculated? Fans know that there are some emotional moments on the way, and they are bracing themselves for some tears as the next episode of Dance Moms plays out Tuesday night on Lifetime.


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