‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny And Anna Confront Carlos, And Nikolas Faces A Difficult Decision

Viewers will not want to miss Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that there is a big showdown involving Carlos Rivera, Sonny, and Anna, and everybody will see action related to Nikolas as well. What is coming up during the April 12 show?

As everybody saw on Monday’s show, Sonny and Anna flew to Ecuador to track down Carlos. Once they arrived, however, they ran into a bit of trouble. Sonny headed off to find Carlos, leaving Anna stuck on the plane. The two men started their face-off and General Hospital spoilers detail that the action picks up on this front during Tuesday’s episode.


Carlos may be playing the part of being a priest in Ecuador, but he was quick to pull a gun on Sonny as soon as he approached Rivera in the church. Sonny is in a tough spot at this point, but General Hospital spoilers tease that Anna will quickly show up and throw herself into the middle of this confrontation.

Soap Central indicates that there will be gunshots and what happens will leave Anna having to contemplate serious repercussions for what she has done. Does she end up killing Carlos for real this time? As Anna and Sonny deal with Carlos, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Paul will be making his way to Jordan, scrambling to regain control of the mess he is in at this point.

Fans can expect quite a bit of drama related to Nikolas during Tuesday’s show as well. Rachel is demanding that he sign the papers that will turn ELQ entirely over to her, and he has been resistant. However, he is in a pretty tight spot considering that she knows he organized the hit on her. Making things even more difficult is the new plan that Jason and Sam have pieced together, pushing him to give ELQ to Jason.


General Hospital spoilers, via We Love Soaps, tease that Nikolas will have to make a decision during Tuesday’s show. As much as he hates it, it sounds as if ultimately he will agree to the ultimatum Jason and Sam presented, but he makes it clear that he will never forgive Sam for her part in this. Is ELQ about to be returned to the Quartermaine family at last?

This next episode brings a bit of Valerie, Curtis, and Lulu action as well. General Hospital spoilers note that Valerie will be reconsidering her romance with Curtis, and there apparently will be an awkward run-in between Lulu and Valerie at the park. Carly and Franco have a tense encounter and soon everybody will see the Quartermaine family having a chance to celebrate a bit.


As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers share that Morgan will be making some forward progress in his recovery, while Kiki connects with Franco for some art therapy. Michael will get an update on what is going on with Sabrina and there will be some positive moments coming for Lulu and Dante as they rebuild their relationship.

Who comes out of the confrontation between Sonny, Anna, and Carlos unscathed, and how will this face-off impact things back in Port Charles? What happens next for Nikolas and Rachel now that he has been backed into a corner regarding ELQ? Fans cannot wait to see where things head next as the drama continues on General Hospital.


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