10-Mile-Long Alien UFO Parked In Lunar Crater Close To 120-Mile-Long Alien Highway On The Moon, UFO Hunters Make Bizarre Claim [Videos]

A bizarre UFO sighting claim is making the rounds in the online UFO community. According to UFO conspiracy theorists, a 10-mile-long alien spaceship has been spotted parked in a crater on the lunar surface close to a 120-mile-long alien highway. The humongous craft and highway were reportedly spotted in a 1967 Lunar Orbiter III photo of the lunar surface.

Although the “discovery” first became widely known in the UFO community when it was announced back in October 2014, by several UFO hunters, including UFOvni2012, Scott C. Waring, and Streetcap1, Waring believes the original discovery dates back to 2001-2002.

But Exopolitics reports that the 10-mile-long alien spacecraft parked in a lunar crater was first discovered in October 2007, and sparked a debate in several online forums at the time.


And years after the initial discovery, the UFO community is still buzzing with the incredible claim, and several UFO bloggers, including Waring, have revisited the case recently.

According to Waring, in a recent post to his weird blog UFO Sightings Daily, the old 1967 NASA photo, taken during the Lunar Orbiter III mission (frame 3073) to the Moon, actually shows an alien UFO craft parked inside the Manilius crater on the lunar surface.

The raw unedited photo in NASA’s archives may be viewed here.

The 1967 Lunar Orbiter III mission was launched to photograph specific areas of the lunar surface to help Apollo mission planners choose safe landing sites. But according to UFO hunters, one of the photos from the old mission (frame 3073) shows an alien spacecraft, at least 10 miles (16 km) long, parked inside the crater Manilius on the lunar surface.

UFO hunters claim that the incredible discovery was made possible by sunlight which illuminated the crater exposing part of the alien UFO lurking in the dark lunar shadows. But UFO hunters noted that only part of the long UFO was illuminated by sunlight and thus the full length of the mysterious alien craft parked in the crater is unknown.

However, given the fact that the crater is only about 24 miles long and two miles deep, it is unlikely that the alleged UFO was more than 20 miles long, according to UFO researchers.

According to ExoNews TV, analysis of the image reveals what looks like the cockpit of the alien spacecraft. Even more bizarre was the claim that the Lunar Orbiter III photo shows a road estimated to be about 60-120 miles (100-200 km) that stretches across the lunar surface.

But skeptics have ridiculed claims that the old photo shows an alien spacecraft and cockpit on the lunar surface, saying that what looks like a long vessel in the old photo was caused by an optical illusion. But UFO hunters answered, saying that the image could not be due to an optical illusion because the contours of the alleged object are clearly defined relative to shadows cast by partial solar illumination of the inside of the crater.

Exopolitics argued further that the clinching evidence the photo shows artificial structures on the lunar surface was the remains of a road at least 60 miles long. UFO hunters claimed that the structure, alleged to be a road, was too straight to be a natural feature of the lunar surface. The perfect straightness of the structure gives proof that it was an artificially-constructed highway, according to UFO hunters.

According to Salla, writing on Exopolitics, the “huge spacecraft” could not be an optical illusion. Its presence refutes skeptics who deny the possibility of artificial structures on the Moon, he argued. Even harder to dismiss, according to Salla, were remains of an ancient lunar highway at least 60 miles long.

But the claim that the old NASA photo shows a 120-mile-long road has been rejected by some UFO hunters, including Scott Waring. According to Waring, ExoNews TV analysts may have mistaken “an error in the film” for a road. In Waring’s opinion, the image reveals several more interesting anomalies than the phantom 120-mile-long alien road.

Waring’s rebuttal is remarkable because he usually promotes the most bizarre space anomaly theories.

“I do believe that what he calls a road may actually be a long over developed error in the film itself.”

Exopolitics expresses surprise that Waring ignores the evidence of an artificially constructed road on the lunar surface and argues that the road could even be longer than 120 miles because it covers the entire width of the photo (see below).

Alien highway on the Moon?
Arrows show “120-mile-long” highway on lunar surface near crater in which 10-mile-long UFO is parked, according to UFO hunters [Image via NASA/LPI]
In his original blog report dated October 5, 2014, Waring had claimed that the 10-mile-long UFO was studied secretly by NASA and that subsequent Apollo missions to the Moon had included top-secret plans to retrieve the craft, believed to be an old hull or hulk abandoned by alien visitors to the Moon millions of years ago. The Lunar Orbiter missions, according to Waring, were actually designed to map the lunar surface so that NASA can decide in advance the best locations to search for alien technology on the Moon.

According to Waring, a top-secret purpose of the Apollo missions was to recover alien technology abandoned on the lunar surface by ancient alien visitors to the Moon. The UFO blogger claims that NASA has been involved in scores of top-secret missions to the Moon to recover alien spacecraft and other artifacts of alien technology abandoned on the lunar surface.

“That ship itself is eerily humongous enough to be a base station and possibly a mining hauling vessel included…”

Enthusing over the “discovery” of a 10-mile-long alien UFO on the Moon, an enthusiast writes, “That ship itself is eerily humongous enough to be a base station and possibly a mining hauling vessel included.”

“If it is a massive derelict ship, then any earth explorer astronaut crews should use extreme caution nearing or entering it because you never know what or who may be residing in that abandoned small town size space vehicle,” the enthusiast adds.

This is not the first time that UFO hunters have reported sighting massive alien UFOs parked or abandoned on the lunar surface. Earlier in January, 2014, a UFO hunter Jose Escamilla, claimed to have sighted a 20-mile-long UFO in a photo of the lunar surface taken during the 1969 Apollo 12 landing on the Moon.

And even earlier, in October, 2012, Scott Waring reported that a UFO hunter, James Palestro, filmed a mile-long UFO taking off from the lunar surface.

Waring claimed at the time that he had also filmed mile-long UFOs taking off from the lunar surface. He wondered why scientific observatories with bigger and better telescopes were pretending not to see the alien UFO traffic on the Moon.

[Image via LPI/NASA]

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