Taylor Swift On LSD: Father John Dropped Acid And Popstar ‘Impregnated’ His Soul On ‘1989’ Tour

Picture a Taylor Swift 1989 Tour concert: screaming fans, tons of glitter, young girls and women overexcited at the sight of their biggest idol, and a few hours of non-stop tunes which have all topped the charts and sold millions.

Oh, and Father John Misty on LSD. That’s right, it’s none other than the Fleet Foxes drummer, real name Josh Tillman, recently admitting in an interview to Rolling Stone that he attended a Taylor Swift concert in Melbourne under the influence of acid.

Josh Tillman took LSD during a Taylor Swift concert and inspired Lana del Rey's 'Freak' video.
Taylor Swift concerts are a concentrate of glitter and smoke and loud fan squeals. [Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]
Taylor’s gigs are quite the pop experience as they are, so it’s no wonder Father John described his experience as “holy” and “psychedelic.”

Describing the event, which took place at Taylor Swift’s Melbourne leg of her 1989 tour, he said he took a “hero’s dose of LSD” which helped him experience the show “like an eight-year-old girl.”

Misty went on to say seeing Swift on LSD was “holy” and “psychedelic.”

“She fully impregnated my dilated soul with her ideology. I remember laughing uncontrollably. I remember going outside for a smoke and thinking, ‘I need to get back in there,'” Elle reports.

What would Taylor have to say about that? The whole class-A drug taking act goes against what Swift stands for to many of her young fans: a role model.

Father John Misty stars in Lana del Rey's 'Freak' video in what looks just like an acid trip inspired by his LSD-in-Melbourne action.
Father John Misty attracted more attention than expected when he covered Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ [Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images]
For Swifties – as the superfans call themselves – Taylor is more than just a great singer: she’s an inspiration all round. Misty, who’s a 35-year old man, said there was a “dangerous” aspect to this blind fandom:

“This insistence on telling girls ‘I’m normal, don’t let anyone tell you what you should be'” was disturbing, Misty said of Taylor Swift’s inspiring speeches.

“If you wanted to curate an evening with the Grand Leader, this is what you would do. It’s a very, very false normal. And that’s dangerous,” Jezebel reported.

Attending a Melbourne concert from Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour last year, Father John Misty recalls asking his manager to get him some acid, and said it was “written in the stars.”

Misty is quite the subversive character, having set up a whole Instagram profile where he only posts photos of himself on his phone – probably a subtle critic of our image-obsessed generation. His sense of humor and sarcasm is made very clear through most of his posts.

His most recent Twitter post is the perfect example of the sort of commentary he offers:

From Taylor’s concert in December, he posted a photo of him, which he captioned “This place has the best late night ramen if you’re out and about and need something cheap and good.”

The former Fleet Foxes drummer is open about his psychedelic drug use and said the Swift concert was a "holy" experience.
Father John Misty admitted to attending a Taylor Swift concert on an acid trip. [Photo via Instagram/fatherjohnmisty]
It’s not the first time he’s making headlines in relation to Swift, whose single “Blank Space” he covered in the style of Lou Reed’s Velvet Underground.

And it seems Taylor Swift has inspired him on more than one occasion, including most recently the Lana del Rey “Freak” video he co-starred in. The clip pictures a psychedelic journey in California featuring an acid trip for the two artists.

Misty told Rolling Stone his trip at Taylor Swift’s concert, otherwise mostly attended un-ironically by superfans who were mostly sober, helped inspire Lana’s video.

Father John Misty offers a sarcastic comment on society via his social media profiles. Here on Twitter, he describes a Tindr date — the epitome of our generation’s weird and wonderful inventions.

What do you think, is this sort of revelation a step too far for Taylor Swift? Will Taylor see the funny side of the story – if there is one?

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

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