Border Patrol Agents Step Forward To Endorse Trump And Urge Others To Do Same

Border patrol agents of the United States, through their organization, the National Border Patrol Council (N.B.P.C.), have stepped forward to endorse Republican front-runner Donald Trump. The Council, representing 16,500 agents, released a public statement on April 6, citing dire times as the reason for this stand and asking the American people to support “Mr. Trump in his mission to finally secure the border of the United States of America, before it is too late.”

The border patrol agents also denounced manipulations by a cadre of Colorado G.O.P. insiders to undermine Trump support in favor of Senator Ted Cruz during the Colorado Republican Party state convention. At least 30 of the 37 Colorado delegates selected to attend the Republican National Convention voted for Cruz. According to Breitbart News, a Colorado G.O.P. tweet was exposed, saying, “We did it! #NeverTrump” after the Cruz sweep.

The endorsement, signed by the border patrol agents’ council president, Brandon Judd, pointed out that no physical or economic threat to Americans today is greater than the open border. Accusing the Republican faction of making secret arrangements with Trump-leaning delegates to support other candidates, thwarting the will of voters worried about border security, Judd said the following.

“I am calling today on the Republican Party to promise free, fair and open elections in America. All candidates should join in this demand. Elections should mean that the people – not party insiders – choose the nominee. We will never secure our immigration system unless the raw will of the American people is imposed through the ballot box. Clearly, politicians and special interests will continue to betray America’s interests if they are left to their own devices.”

Illegals intercepted
Illegals who almost got away [Photo by John Moore/Getty Images]
According to The Atlantic, Wednesday’s announcement was one of many endorsements within a month from supporters of Trump’s immigration stance. Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio, former Arizona governor Jan Brewer, and Senator Jeff Sessions have come out backing the brash real estate billionaire. The border patrol council’s Tucson chapter gave Trump the thumbs up, calling him the “only candidate that has publicly expressed his support of our mission and our agents.”

Border patrol agents are constantly reminded of their immense responsibility by the 11 million illegal immigrants who have slipped through the porous U.S. border and are living in the country under false pretenses. Included among these illegals are henchmen of Mexican drug lords constantly opening new smuggling channels for narcotics into the U.S. Then there are the common criminals using economic refugees as human shields from which to commit murder and rape. They have validated Trump’s campaign cry for a wall against rapists and drug smugglers from Mexico, and to honor legal immigration by deporting the 11 million illegals who have flaunted the laws of the land.

A common grievance of border patrol agents is having to release illegal immigrants at the Rio Grande if they are not actually seen climbing out of the river. Judd refers to this situation as creating “an open border with Mexico.”

According to The Washington Times, N.B.P.C. president Judd recently told the House Judiciary Committee that border patrol agents were ordered to release illegals under this condition after President Barack Obama limited immigration enforcement in 2014. Judd wrote the following testimony as a result of the Congressional hearing.

“We have apprehended illegal aliens just north of the border who are still soaking wet from crossing the river. If they claim, as increasingly they are doing, that they have been here since January 1, 2014, we will process and then release them.”

View of the Rio Grande
Border patrol agent looking at Mexico across the Rio Grande [Photo by John Moore/Getty Images]
The dilemma faced by border patrol agents is that illegals are aware of this loophole and are taking advantage of it, making Donald Trump all the more attractive to Americans against a porous border.

[Photo by John Moore/Getty Images]

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