#DumpTrump, Nike: 34,000 Sign Petition Asking Nike To Cut Ties With Donald Trump

There is a petition concerning Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his relationship with Nike that made news on Monday, April 11. As seen in the above photo, Trump spoke out at a Trump rally in Albany, New York. The rally was held at the Times Union Center.

The petition urging folks to pressure Nike into dumping Trump is for Courage Campaign.

As reported by Yahoo, more than 34,000 people have signed the petition, which points to the words that Trump used against women and Mexicans as the fuel to fire up Nike to dump Trump. The petition notes that the Nike Town, Trump Tower NYC location is the reason why Nike hasn’t reacted to Trump’s comments in the same manner that Nike has reacted to other things said or done by famous people.

“SIGN THE PETITION: Tell Nike to #DumpTrump”

“Nike didn’t blink before dropping Manny Pacquiao for his abhorrent remarks about same-sex couples. It cut ties with Maria Sharapova immediately after she announced that she failed a drug test. But when Donald Trump calls women “fat pigs,” mocks a disabled reporter, calls Mexicans criminals and ‘rapists,’ and insults a prisoner of war, Nike does NOTHING.”

“Think it has anything to do with Nike currently leasing a space for its NikeTown flagship store in NYC from Donald Trump valued at a whooping $200 MILLION?”

“For a leading global corporation that boasts dedication to diversity and inclusion, it’s time that Nike practice what it preaches.”

“SIGN THE PETITION to tell Nike:”

“ESPN, Macy’s, NBCUniversal, Univision and more have dumped Donald Trump and his hateful, bigoted rhetoric. It’s time for you to do the same by not renewing Niketown’s 2017 lease with Trump Tower.”

Nike Town, Trump Tower NYC certainly has their fair share of photos on Instagram, with fans of the store posting their experiences or purchases therein, along with the sheer beauty of the construction of the crowning Nike store in Trump Tower.

While some people post photos of their Nike wares that they bought from the Nike Town store in Trump Tower, others focus on the architecture of the place.

On Facebook, meanwhile, people are writing their opinions about the petition. While some folks are encouraging their Facebook followers to sign the petition, others are criticizing the petition by saying that Nike cutting ties with Trump would somehow cause job losses.

With the Nike store in Trump Tower being called one that doesn’t focus on a bunch of digital technology, fans posting social media photos also focus on quotes found in the store.

The question remains what Nike will do if the number of signatures on the petition continues to grow, with more and more people calling on Nike to sever ties with Trump.

The petition asks for the person signing to list their first name, last name, and email address at minimum when adding their name to the cause. The cell phone number is optional. After signing, the petition goes on to encourage the Courage Campaign to “Help us tell Nike #DumpTrump!”

They request donations from supporters in the amounts of

“Donald Trump is a real threat to America and he’s getting more dangerous everyday. Will you chip in to help us tell Nike to reject his violence and not renew Niketown’s 2017 lease with Trump Tower?”

In their parting shot, the website writes that Trump is a threat to America.

More widespread opinions about Nike’s relationship with Trump are showing up on Facebook as the petition makes the rounds and is shared via social media.

[AP Photo/Mike Groll]

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