Paris Jackson Has New Boyfriend, Family Worries Now That She Is A Legal Adult

Paris Jackson has been in and out of the headlines in recent months for rebellious behavior and shocking revelations. She has been struggling to cope with the death of her father, Michael Jackson. It happened in 2009, but the impact on Jackson has been profound. She has been battling sobriety, admitting she attended an AA meeting just a few months ago. She has been in and out of relationships, with the most recent one ending just a few weeks ago and already she has a replacement.

Becoming an adult will change everything for Paris Jackson. She has been waiting to inherit Michael Jackson’s estate, or part of it anyway. Because of her reckless behavior, the entire Jackson family had been worried about her big birthday. According to Us Weekly, Paris Jackson celebrated turning 18 with friends and family. Her birth mother, Debbie Rowe, attended the party thrown by Katherine Jackson. All of her friends were in attendance, including her new boyfriend. It appears Jackson is dating Michael Snoddy, ironically he shares the same name as her deceased father.

Recently, Paris Jackson chopped off all of her hair and bleached it. This was a radical move for the young adult, and fans immediately commented about the decision. On top of that, just days after her birthday, Jackson got a tattoo in memory of her father, Michael Jackson. The two were incredibly close, and losing him has caused her a great deal of pain. She initially turned to alcohol and possibly drugs, though it was only confirmed that she had attended AA meetings. A lot of the issues came from losing her father in 2009 and not learning to cope. The Jackson children were shuffled around after Michael’s death, and Paris was the one most affected. Blanket was too young, and Prince was able to hand things differently.

The media has been hard on Paris Jackson for several years. She has become a fixation for those who loved her father and many of them watched her grow up. It is a lot of pressure for a teenage girl to live under, especially one who is still dealing with the death of her father. A few months ago, Paris Jackson spoke out about the pressures she feels being the daughter of the late King of Pop. In fact, she alluded to the scrutiny the public put her father under and said she would not allow people to do the same to her.

Now that Paris Jackson is legally an adult, she has no guardian to answer to. If she feels like moving to be with her birth mother, she can do it. Katherine Jackson was given control over the children, and Paris has always been a rebel of sorts. From cutting her hair to staying out late partying and drinking, she has given her grandmother a run for her money. There has been a lot of concern over what would happen when she became an adult, and so far there isn’t much to worry about. It has been less than a week since Paris Jackson turned 18, and nothing too crazy has happened. She did get a tattoo in memory of her father, but nothing has drastically changed.

Things are going to significantly change for Paris Jackson now. There is money to manage, estate business to handle, and plenty more temptations to avoid. Despite battling addiction issues, Jackson hasn’t found herself in much trouble. She has been a rebellious teen, but nothing that caused Katherine Jackson to surrender as guardian. Paris Jackson may have the family worried with a new boyfriend and new found independence, but it seems like she is looking to surprise everyone and do things the right way.

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