Paris Jackson Reveals Addiction, Michael Jackson’s Daughter Battling Substance Abuse Due To ‘Ridiculous Expectations’

Paris Jackson is the only daughter of the late king of pop, Michael Jackson. She has been through a lot since her father’s untimely death in 2009, much of it taking a huge toll on her psyche. In just a few months, Jackson is set to inherit a fortune from her father. She will be turning 18 years old in April, and things will change forever. Currently, Paris Jackson is living with Katherine Jackson and her two brothers. Prince is already a legal adult, and Blanket is just 13 years old. Paris Jackson has been dealing with some harsh criticism on social media, and it is affecting her greatly.

Nearly three years ago, Paris Jackson attempted to take her own life. The Jackson family tried to shut it down, but the media reported what was happening with the troubled teenager. Since then, Jackson has been using other things to cope with her father’s death. Being surrounded by family just isn’t enough for Paris, so she turned to substance abuse to fill the void left in her heart. According to Radar Online, Paris Jackson announced she was attending AA meetings. This means she has been abusing alcohol at the very least. There was no mention of any other substances being abused, but several speculate that Jackson may be using more than just alcohol to cope with the issues.

For most of her life, Paris Jackson was sheltered. Michael Jackson insisted the children wear masks while out in public. Jackson’s first true public speaking appearance happened when her father was memorialized on television in 2009. She was given a chance to speak, and she touched the hearts of millions of people who tuned in to bid the king of pop farewell. That moment where Jackson spoke will forever be remembered by fans of Michael Jackson. She was his only daughter, and now she is experiencing the same kind of high expectations he did. Jackson has continuously talked about the expectations being “f*****g ridiculous.”

Things have been slowly spiraling out of control for Paris Jackson. She recently split from her boyfriend after reports indicated the two were married. Jackson did not wed Chester Castellaw, but the two were getting pretty serious. Now that the two have split up, Jackson has been acting out. According to Us Weekly, Paris Jackson went on an Instagram rant. The photo and words have since been deleted, but it had everyone close to the teenager worried. Jackson recently went and got a temporary tattoo against her family’s wishes. These up and down episodes have family members worried about Jackson, and there are rumors that they are looking into getting her help. Jackson does smoke cigarettes openly, another trait that has her family members up in arms. While they are likely the least of her problems, her addictive behavior is troublesome.

The next few months are going to be tough on Paris Jackson. She is going to inherit a fortune from her late father, Michael Jackson. Jumping into adulthood with a massive amount of money is enough to freak anyone out, but the concerns over her addictions make matters more sensitive. The Jackson family is more worried now about Paris than they were three years ago when she tried to commit suicide. Out of all three children, Paris Jackson has taken her father’s death the hardest. She tried too long to hide behind a fake smile, but nearly seven years after her father’s death, she is still not okay. Those around Paris Jackson know what to expect now that they know about the substance abuse, but many were unaware just how hard the last several years have been for her.

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