Woman Who Cut Off Daughter’s Arms Loses Her Job At Walmart

Dena Schlosser, the woman who made headlines back in 2004 after she cut off her 10-month-old daughter’s arms, was fired from her position at Walmart after the company learned about her criminal history, according to The Houston Chronicle. Her employers were apparently oblivious to the fact that Schlosser had mutilated her baby in the name of God, that is, until a news crew decided to spill the beans.

Following the 2004 incident, Schlosser, whose child would later die from her injuries, was committed to a state mental hospital after her trial. According to WFAA, an insanity plea ultimately kept her out of prison. However, in 2008, a judged determined that the unstable woman no longer needed the services of the facility in which she was housed. Unfortunately, Schlosser was hospitalized once again in 2010.

Since most employers would be a little hesitant to hire a woman who cut off her 10-month-old daughter’s arms and spent quite a bit of time in professional care as a result, Schlosser hid this tidbit of information from the company when she applied for employment.

After learning that Schlosser, known to Walmart as Laettner, was hiding a bit of his past from its human resources department, the company decided to fire the woman from her position on Monday.

“Mrs. Laettner is no longer employed by the company,” a spokesperson from the company explained to WFAA. “All associates must pass a criminal background check as a condition of employment. If a charge does not result in a conviction, then we have no way of knowing an applicant’s previous criminal charges.”

The news that a baby killer had been working at the local neighborhood Walmart has had an effect on the community as well.

“For her to be in the hospital for such a short time, and then have the freedom that you and I enjoy, after what she did, I think is a shame and there should be an outcry from the public,” said former resident Natalie Elmoghrabi.

Rebecca Rodden seemed to be willing to give the company the benefit of the doubt. “Maybe Walmart just doesn’t know,” she said.

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