Barack Obama Reveals ‘Worst Mistake’ Of His Presidency — Libya

Barack Obama, in a recent interview, explained that his worst mistake during presidency was Libya. For the most part, Obama mentioned that he wasn’t prepared for the aftermath that came with Libya’s strikes.

According to Metro, in 2011, President Obama ordered the United States to carry out strikes on Muammar Gaddafi. During this time, ISIL strengthened. Given those issues, in a Fox News interview, Barack Obama said that intervening in Libya was still “the right thing to do.” Obama mentioned that all major allies could have done better about Libya’s intervention.

After Libya’s leader was ousted during Barack Obama’s presidency, the country became a major departure point for many migrants. As Metro reports, most of the migrants fled to Europe. Likewise, Barack Obama has been allowing immigrants into the United States. While humanitarian effort has received mixed emotions, Obama has continued to help the Libyan crisis. According to reports, in a recent interview with Atlantic magazine, he stated that Libya is now “a mess.”

Likewise, Barack Obama stated that he “had more faith” in Europe to handle the Libya crisis better than it did, given its distance from the country. Accordingly, Obama blames their inaction as the main allowance concerning Libya’s current issues, says Fox News 6.

Barack Obama On ‘Worst Mistake’

However, the report also notes that National Security spokesperson Ned Price elaborated on Barack Obama’s statements and mentioned that relations between the United States and United Kingdom are still quite strengthened. He mentioned as follows.

“Prime Minister Cameron has been as close a partner as the President [Barack Obama] has had, and we deeply value the UK’s contributions on our shared national security and foreign policy objectives which reflect our special and essential relationship.”

Yet, according to the Atlantic, Barack Obama allegedly told the prime minister that he “would no longer be able to claim a ‘special relationship’ with the United States” if he didn’t “pay [its] fair share” by increasing defense spending. The source also related to a time when Obama stated that there would come a moment when security measures would infringe on human rights concerns, and that — as a nation — the United States has to “pick and choose” its battles. This, of course, came from Barack Obama’s 2006 release of The Audacity of Hope— a decade ago.

In addition to Barack Obama’s intervention statements, new reports indicate that ISIS recently sent a large number of terrorists into northern Libya in order to carry out attacks on its oil wells. According to Daily Mail, these militants have launched several attacks on Libyan oil fields within the last few months. The report notes that these militants have never controlled Libya’s oil fields in the past. However, officials worry this could happen in the near future, along with increased human collateral.

In accordance to Barack Obama’s Libya intervention, in a 2009 interview with National Turk, ex-Libyan leader Gaddafi gave his opinion about similarities concerning his country’s past positions on war and terrorism to America’s. He stated as follows.

“Americans, Libyans, the whole world express sympathy or regret over such tragedies. No one will be happy over such tragedies, no one would welcome such a tragedy, indeed, of course.

“Do the American people feel happy, are the American people happy over the killing of the Libyan citizens in 1986? And is the world happy about the Gaza massacre?

“By the same token none of us are happy over the tragedy of Lockerbie. Up to now, if you visit the house that was bombed in the American raid, you will find a picture of my daughter, a picture of the daughter of Jim Swire, in a frame there, and everybody goes there. Our children are all victims. I mean, these pictures, just to say the fact that we are all fathers of victims.”

All in all, what are your thoughts on Barack Obama’s statements on Libya? Do you think it was Obama’s biggest mistake during his presidency? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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