Irish Man Fatally Stabbed In Neck, Stomach While On First Date With Woman He Met Online

An Irish man was fatally stabbed in the neck and abdominal area while on a first date with a woman he met online, according to Sky News. After meeting on a dating website, 53-year-old Keith Collins of Hornsby, Sydney, and Jovi Pilapil, 39, decided to meet in person at a Korean restaurant in Sydney’s upper north shore on March 30.

However, the meet-and-greet went awry when a strange man, who is believed to be Pilapil’s 45-year-old ex-husband Alexander Villaluna, arrived at their location and began stabbing Collins, a father of two, in the neck and in the chest with a knife in a jealous rage.

Customers at the Korean restaurant looked on in horror as the new couple was being attacked.

One witness stated, “He [Collins] got two in the neck and two in the stomach and he like dropped.”

“He was yelling out ‘help me’ as me and my mates were outside. We were freaking out and were like ‘nah, we’ve got to help him.’ He was laying there and I was like ‘mate calm down you will be all good, just keep calm.'”

Another witness, who was identified as Michael Short, said that he “finished work at Hornsby only to come out in the mall to hundreds of people running and screaming.” Short went on to say that the attacker walked “past me covered in blood holding a massive hunting knife.”

“Not knowing what to do, I grabbed an object out of the trailer and followed him in case he tried to stab someone else. A few of us stood there hoping he would not stab anyone else until the police came.”

Short added that although security officers were in the area, they didn’t arrive until police officials were at the scene.

He said, “Not saying they had to arrest or stop him but someone had been stabbed. No first aid kit. Nothing.”

“I know they were there when it happened because the guard let me out of the door not a minute before all this happened.”

Witnesses say that as Villaluna was fatally stabbing Collins, his ex-wife tried to run up the stairs, but he followed her and “he took a stab at her. He kept slashing. He sliced her across the arm and jabbed her in the abdomen.”

Collins was pronounced dead at the scene, and Pilapil was rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital, where she is “recovering after undergoing surgery,” reports say.

According to the Daily Mail, just three years before Collins was killed in a knife attack while having dinner with a woman he met online, he lost his 23-year-old son, Aaron, in a car accident. Sources said that “he crashed his utility vehicle into a power pole in Ourimbah on the evening of April 5, 2013.”

Ainsling, who is the victim’s daughter, wrote in a Facebook post that she loves her father “more than anything, I’ll forever be your girl no matter what.”

Sue McInnes, who is a former member of the Terrigal Wamberal Sharks Junior Rugby League Club, said that Keith Collins “was an amazing man who was so full of life and meant what he said. He had many of the boys from the club working for him and treated them like family and he was generous.”

“He said he only made money because they worked well for him. He was a great community person, too. He loved the kids and loved life. It’s a very, very big loss.”

Alexander Villaluna was arrested after police officials found him at the scene, sitting by a fountain covered in blood. The alleged attacker was charged with first-degree murder of Keith Collins, and attempted murder of his ex-wife Jovi Pilapil.

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