Ohio Teens Dies Of Overdose In Motel Room While Shooting Up Heroin With His Mother

A 16-year-old Ohio teen, Andrew Frye, died of a heroin overdose in a Super 8 motel room in Akron after shooting up heroin with his own mother. The teen’s mother, Heather Frye, says that she checked into the motel with her son and a friend Jessica Irons so that they could go swimming at the motel’s swimming pool. However, Heather says that after they checked into the motel they decided to do heroin instead of go swimming. The mother, who was also doing heroin, says she didn’t know her son had overdosed because she made him go to the bathroom to shoot up, as she didn’t like to watch him do drugs.

Heather claims that the heroin was taken at 6:00 am on Wednesday, but it wasn’t until 7:00 pm Wednesday evening that she made a 9-1-1 call for her unresponsive son. When medical personnel arrived to the motel, Andrew was already dead, and authorities say he had been dead for some time. According to Cleveland.com, while Andrew lay dead on the floor, family members walked over his corpse multiple times and entered the room on multiple occasions. However, it seems that no one realized he was dead.

Margaret Scott, deputy chief assistant prosecutor, notes that Andrew’s death is especially tragic as it was so unnecessary and his own mother and grandmother were involved in his drug overdose. According to the police, Heather was charged with child endangerment, involuntary manslaughter, and tampering with evidence, to name a few. However, it wasn’t just Andrew’s own mother charged in his death. The teen’s grandmother was also arrested for allegedly procuring the drugs for the teen, his mother, and her friend.

“This is a horrible tragedy because of his age. If you give someone else your poison, then we are going to hold you criminally responsible.”

Authorities say that Andrew’s mother Heather and her friend Jessica had entered and exited the motel room multiple times as Andrew lay dead on the floor to hide needles and drugs. Summit County Sheriff Steve Barry says the evidence in the case “turns his stomach,” as it appears Andrew was dead for quite some time when emergency responders arrived to the scene, and it appears his own mother and grandmother played a key role in the teen’s death.

“The evidence in this case turns my stomach. When they arrived it was quite apparent that Andrew had been deceased for quite some time. There was nothing they could do. We have evidence of drug abuse by more than one person, more than one relative, of the deceased. It appears his mother, her friend, and his grandmother, and a friend of the grandmother all had a hand in obtaining and disseminating heroin among themselves.”

The mother, grandmother and Jessica Irons were all arrested shortly after the incident. However, a fourth arrest of Donald Callaghan for helping secure the drugs for the teen. Donald lived with the teen’s grandmother who was also arrested in the incident.

Do you think that all four individuals should be charged with manslaughter for helping secure the heroin the killed the Ohio teen?

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