Two Dog Rescue Stories Will Remind You That Humans Are A Canine’s Best Friend Too

While on a regular patrol, two Colombian police officers were surprised to discover a construction site that had caught fire. Within the burning building, the officers were surprised to hear the sound of a dog crying within the blinding smoke, according to a Life With Dogs report.

Although they did not have the necessary equipment to save the dog (i.e. masks or fire suits), the officers knew that they had to rescue the distraught pet before it was harmed. The quick-thinking officers located a broken side window and ran into the fire without hesitation.

Despite their attempts, the officers were not able to reach the dog on their first try; they were forced to return outside for fresh air. However, the officers would stop at nothing to save the dog and returned into the inferno.

On their second attempt, the officers found the dog, mere inches away from the fire. Luckily, the officers were able to escort the animal to safety, despite being overcome by smoke after the rescue. The story is chilling like the one recently in Campbellsville, Kentucky, where firefighters saved another pooch.

After reaching safety, the officers called an animal control unit when they learned the dog did not suffer any burns. Jeisson Salinas, one of the daring cops, posted the video online after recording footage of the event on his cell phone.

If not for the heroism of these two police officers, it is unlikely that this dog would have survived the fire.

This other story is equally touching. Police officers are trusted to save humans no matter what their situation, but hearing about a police officer rescuing a dog is rare.

In Jefferson County, Colorado, Deputy Billy Brooks saw a dog falling into the iced-over waters of a lake. The dog, a golden retriever named Cinnamon, had fallen unconscious and her body temperature was dropping.

To help the dog, Deputy Brooks gathered a rescue rope and ran site of the stricken animal. When Brooks arrived, he had a passerby hold one end of the line while he tied the other end around himself and dove into the icy waters to save the Cinnamon.

When Brooks reached the spot where Cinnamon was last seen, he was chest-deep in freezing water and had to reach below the water’s line to find the dog. Luckily, he found her.

Jacki Kelly, a representative of Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, reported the details of the animal rescue.

“[Brooks] walked out until he was waist deep, and then hauled himself onto a shelf of ice, and began walking.”

“He was surprised when he got the dog to shore and saw signs of life. He wrapped her in a blanket and raced her to the local vet clinic.”

Brooks claimed that he thought that he was too late at first, and the dog had died as he carried her back to shore. However, Kelly said that, fortunately, Brooks was wrong — very wrong.

The dog was transported to the Lone Tree Veterinary Hospital. Staff there treated Cinnamon and saved her life. Today, the amazing canine is back at home with her family where she belongs. Often, you read about stories where the dog got all the glory for performing some heroic act to save a human. Hopefully, these two stories proved that the relationship is one of reciprocity.

Have you hugged and kissed your beloved dog companion today? If not, what are you waiting for?

[Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images]

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