‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Finds Carlos While Paul Teams Up With Jordan To Nail Anna

General Hospital has several storylines on the front burner right now. From the Carlos hunt to the strain between Nathan and Maxie, there is so much to follow. The General Hospital writers are gearing up to push into May sweeps. Fans are looking forward to where things are headed, which is a huge change from where things in General Hospital stood last year.

While Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Franco (Roger Howarth) are having some turbulent times, she will still be there for her little brother. Nathan (Ryan Paevey) will be going to Nina for some advice regarding Maxie (Kirsten Storms). He doesn’t want to lose her, but his dishonesty may have already sealed the deal. Early in the week on General Hospital, Maxie will be turning to research on the computer. She is likely looking for Claudette and speculation is that she is out there somewhere. “Naxie” may be headed for the end, and there could be a new pairing for Maxie in the future.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) is going to come face-to-face with Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) mid-week on General Hospital. This is going to be an epic showdown, and it looks like it will end with Carlos dying again. Ideally, Anna (Finola Hughes) wanted Carlos brought back to Port Charles alive. Since Sonny and Anna were supposed to be going to find him, and they share a common goal. His death may cause a serious rift between the two because Julian (William deVry) may never pay for ordering the hit on Duke (Ian Buchanan). There has also been some buzz among rumor sites suggesting that Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) will lose her child during the battle. Fans have been voicing concern over this happening a second time on General Hospital, especially since many still want to see her paired with Michael (Chad Duell).

Last week, Anna learned that Jordan (Vanessa Antoine) was upset with the relationship she had with Andre (Anthony Montgomery). According to We Love Soaps, General Hospital is going to be focusing on Anna and her decisions a lot this week. Since Paul (Richard Burgi) is going to be going after Anna now, he will be bringing some information to Jordan. Toward the end of the week, both Jordan and Paul will discuss what is to come for Anna. Will she be charged with the attempted murder of Carlos, or will she come back to nothing since he was handled while she was with Sonny?

There has been a lot of talk about whether or not Jason (Billy Miller) will rejoin the mob with Sonny. After he agreed to go talk to him last Friday, fans have been worried he will morph back into “Stone Cold” without any trace of Jason Quartermaine left. This week on General Hospital, Jason will be talking to Sam (Kelly Monaco) about relating to Sonny when the two talked. While she would prefer he did not go back to the dangers of being Sonny’s enforcer, she knows that she cannot stop Jason. She loves him for who he is, not what he does or doesn’t do.

Port Charles is in for a wild week. General Hospital writers have been planning the intro to May sweeps, and several of these storylines will carry over. With details coming out slowly regarding the Nurses Ball and two major characters confirmed for a return, the next several weeks are going to be intense.

The showdown between Carlos and Sonny is one event General Hospital fans are looking forward to, especially since he is the one who caused Sonny to be out of commission for several months. Now that things are back to normal, there is no telling what the General Hospital writers have planned for the upcoming weeks in Port Charles.

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