Who else wants to advertise on the moon? (Video)

If you’ve ever said to yourself: “Jeez, I wish we could carve our logo into the surface of the moon,” then boy, does a company called “Moon Publicity” have a deal for you!

The company has proposed the development a series of robots that use what they’re calling “Shadow shaping technology” to carve a series of ridges into the moon’s surface. The ridges create shadows which appear as dark spots and if the areas are large enough, they can easily be seen from earth, in the shape of your company’s logo or advertising slogan, of course.

Here’s a portion of Moon Publicity’s promo material:

1- A Sign in the Heavens – Never in the history of advertising has the possibility of penetrating every market on Earth, reaching every person on Earth, and touching them at emotional level only possible with the beauty of the moon on a starlit night, been made available. Twelve billion eyeballs looking at your logo in the sky for several days every month.

If 60 seconds during the Super Bowl costs 6 million dollars to reach 200 million viewers, then an eyeball minute costs about a penny and a half. Even if the average person were to look at your image on the moon for a total of only 10 seconds a month, then that image would be worth 360 million dollars a year in raw advertising value.

Let’s suppose it would cost a billion dollars to create and send a fleet of Shadow Shaping robots to the moon, the project would pay for itself in less than 3 years after completion. Over the next 50 years it would generate 18 billion dollars worth of advertising. And since there is no atmosphere on the Moon, the image could last for thousands of years.

Hey Moon Publicity people – if this writeup results in the sale of an ad on the moon, the Inquisitr wants a 15% referral comission.

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