Manchester, Birmingham, London, And Paris Were Terrorist Targets, ‘Man In White’ Showcases Terrorists’ Plans

Mohamed Abrini, the “man in white” from the Brussels airport footage taken moments before the deadly terrorist bombing, has been arrested for his involvement in “terrorist murders” involving both the Brussels airport bombing and Paris attacks. Abrini has allegedly admitted to being the “man in white” from the video and has informed authorities that Brussels was not original terrorist target. Instead, Abrini revealed that the terrorists had planned a second attack on Paris, France, but were forced to change plans as security was heightened in the area. Therefore, the Brussels airport and metro station backup plan was initiated.

The Daily Mail reports that the “man in white” from the Brussels airport bombing has been arrested and is providing authorities with frightening information about what the terrorist group had planned for Paris. The 31-year-old terror suspect, Mohamed Abrini, was allegedly involved in both the Paris terrorist attacks that left 130 dead, along with the Brussels airport and metro station bombings that killed 32. Authorities say that when questioning Abrini, he revealed that the terrorist group had intended to make a second attack on Paris before the Brussels bombing, but were forced to change plans due to security concerns.

“Abrini has admitted that he had been planning to carry out a new terror attack on Paris but switched to targeting Brussels due to the police search.”

According to CBS, Belgium’s Federal Prosecution Office revealed the sinister terrorists groups plan of performed a second attack on Paris, France, during a news conference. The authorities claim that with Paris investigators making significant progress in identifying the remaining terrorists and their leaders, the group decided to act quickly and forgo the second Paris attack and instead attack Brussels.

The prosecutor’s office says that the Brussels attack was a last-ditch effort to incite fear and panic in Europe, with the attacking being planned last minute as Paris officials honed in on the suspects. The terrorists were “surprised by the speed of the progress in the ongoing investigation” and decided to not waste any additional time in planning a second Paris attack and moved forward with the secondary Brussels airport and metro station bombing backup plan.

Therefore, the authorities have seemingly confirmed the speculations that the Brussels attack was retaliation for the increased push by Paris officials to capture the remaining Paris terrorist suspects.

“Sunday’s statement provides confirmation of what many have suspected: the series of raids and arrests in the week leading up to the Brussels attacks — including the capture of key Paris attacks fugitive Salah Abdeslam — pushed the killers to action.”

The authorities revealed earlier that Abrini was that the terrorists had multiple locations staked out for future attacks with Manchester, Birmingham, London, Paris, and Brussels all on the list. Abrini had reportedly met with British Islamic extremists in a bid to help plan an attack in the United Kingdom. Abrini allegedly photographed locations in Manchester, Birmingham, and London in what authorities believe were efforts to plan attacks in the region.

During the investigation into the “man in white” Abrini, officials claim he was radicalized at a younger age and had traveled to Syria, where his brother died fighting for ISIS in 2014. He was involved with “Brussels brothers Salah and Brahim Abdeslam, both suspects in the Paris attacks, and he had ties to Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the Paris attackers’ ringleader who died in a French police raid shortly afterward.”

The arrest of Abrini marks a big moment for the Paris terror investigation as officials now believe that all of the people who planned or took part directly in the Paris attacks are either dead or in custody.

While this is huge news for Paris and Brussels investigators, the Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon notes that the investigations will not end as “other terror cells” may exist in the area.

[Photo by Belgian Federal Police/AP Photo]

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