Four-Year-Old Child Expelled From School, Likened To A ‘Rapist And Murderer’

Senior Council at Nonsuch Primary School in the United Kingdom has been scrutinized recently for comparing an expelled 4-year-old child to a “rapist and murderer.” The cause of the 4-year-old child’s expulsion was not revealed. However, his case was investigated along with the expulsion of approximately 30 more children under the age of five, according to Metro.

The odd allegations against the 4-year-old were made public during an investigation into the mass number of expulsions at the academy, which quickly became the focus of controversy. Councillor John Lines is irate over the decision of children’s services member Brigid Jones’ actions against the children of the school and her seemingly casual means of ridding the school of students that she does not feel are a good fit. Lines was not aware of the rapist and murderer comments until the investigation and feels that it is time for Jones to go, citing her “not my fault, guv” state of mind.

“Not my fault, guv.”

An ongoing independent inquiry on the school is underway and Lines is calling for the removal of Jones from the institution.

According to Nonsuch Primary School’s website, they aim to provide an place that is fully inclusive for all students. Yet, that does not seem to be the case for at least thirty of the students at the school.

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Despite the statements of inclusion, respect, enjoyable experiences, and opportunity, multiple students have been unfairly removed from the school and expelled for a variety of reasons. For example, a 10-year-old was recently expelled under the claim of defiance, according to the Birmingham Mail. The boy sufferers from cerebral palsy. Since his expulsion, he has been reinstated to the school. A 9-year-old was removed for disruptive behaviors.

Lines claims that members of the repeals committee were hostile toward parents and provided misleading information to them. He states that in some instances, files have mysteriously gone missing, all while attempts to intimidate parents were underway. Lines claims that Jones is the main antagonizer and feels she needs to be released from duties before the misdeeds progress any further.

“An officer at both appeals committees that I have been to in support of parents was hostile to them and gave misleading information to the boards and files have gone missing.”

Jones, in response, claims that her powers in the school are limited and that she cannot take action in every case.

“The school is an academy and my powers are limited as to what I can do about that. I will continue to fight for every child in this city, but action can only take place in certain cases.”

In some instances, the children with special needs are not able to fully abide by the Agreement for Pupils that is posted on the Nonsuch Primary School website. It is unknown if that is the reasoning for their expulsion, or if there are other reasons that are hidden behind the current inquiry.

Four Year Old Child Expelled From School, Likened To A 'Rapist And Murderer'
[Image via Nonsuch Primary School]
Despite the reasoning for the expulsions, thirty children in such a short amount of time is quite high. The outside view is that the school is weeding out undesirable and hard-to-teach students, rather than embracing their differences and using them to the advantage of the educators, guiding them, and molding them into successful pupils. John Lines hopes to settle the issue and bring peace back to the academy, providing an environment that the school’s website promises for all pupils, even those with special needs.

Although the investigation is ongoing, some of the expelled students have been allowed back into the school.

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