A pink penis lollipop out to destroy Austria

I’m pretty sure that there isn’t any part of the human anatomy that hasn’t been made into a candy or a cake at some point but the world has continued on. However it seems that a discount supermarket chain in Austria maybe be in for some trouble for selling bright pink penis shaped lollipops.

Tedi, the supermarket chain, has defended the sale of the candy novelties by saying they are just meant in good fun and that in their opinion doesn’t “exceed borders of good taste in today’s society“. The police and prosecutor in Dortmund possibly think otherwise.

But local politicians say it breaches the boundaries of good taste and is possibly illegal and have demanded trading standards officers investigate.

Dortmund prosecutor Ina Holznagel said: “I have asked police to provide me with one of the lollipops in question so I can check out whether they broke the law.”

Source: Austrian Times – Penis lollies row

Jeez, I wonder what they would do if they saw something like this then?

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