[Video] Hillary Clinton Taking Fracking Money? — Response To Hillary’s Laugh-Off To Activist’s Question To Fracking

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on Wednesday laughed off laughed off an activist asking if she would reject money from fracking lobbyists during a rally on Wednesday.

While shaking hands with supporters at a campaign rally, a University of Pittsburgh student asked Clinton, “Will you reject money from registered fracking lobbyists?” In her defense, Hillary said, “Go read the articles. I’ve debunked all of that.”

Clinton’s donations from the fracking industry have become a campaign issue in the Democratic race, with rival Bernie Sanders attacking her that she is denying where she is getting her money from.

“(Hillary has) taken significant money from the fossil fuel industry,” and green groups such as Greenpeace tying her to more than $1.6 million in donations from industry employees or lobbyists and bundlers.

In response, Clinton has pointed to fact-checking groups that have largely dismissed those complaints, noting donations from fossil fuel interests represent a minor percentage of her overall fundraising this cycle.

“I feel sorry sometimes for the young people who believe this. They don’t do their own research,” Clinton said Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press.

“And I’m glad we now can point to reliable independent analysis to say no, it’s just not true.”

As per the suggestion of Hillary, a popular YouTube channel, The Humanist Report, made an attempt to read the articles where Hillary had debunked all that in the video below.

He first googled for Is Hillary Clinton taking fracking money? There was not a single article which provided a straightforward answer to this on Google’s first page. The best he could get was an article, titled “Hillary Clinton wants to regulate fracking, but still accepts a lot of fracking money.”

Another article from Eco Watch that was shown by Google claimed Hillary was selling fracking to the world.

The video maker tried another way of search. This time, he used keyword evidence Hillary is not taking fracking money. Surprisingly, similar article showed up and there was no sign of the article Hillary was talking about.

The videomaker used another keyword this time. He used another keyword, Hillary Clinton not taking any fracking money. He still got the same results.

The frustrated videomaker uses keyword Tell me Hillary Clinton is not taking f**king fracking money for the last time. The first result that showed up was a reddit forum of the discussion of the article “Bernie Sanders will ban fracking, Hillary Clinton sold fracking to world” by the Huffington Post.

The videomaker then asks Hillary, “Hey Hillary, what articles?, you can’t debunk facts, stop taking fracking.”

Fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing, the process of drilling down through shale rock to extract oil or natural gas, is an issue dividing the policies of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

To the question about whether or not they support fracking, Sanders’ response was quick and concise. He simply replied.

“My answer is a lot shorter. No, I do not support fracking.”

Hillary on the other hand, Hillary had some details to put.

“You know, I don’t support it when any locality or any state is against it, number one. I don’t support it when the release of methane or contamination of water is present. I don’t support it, number three, unless we can require that anybody who fracks has to tell us exactly what chemicals they are using.”

“While Clinton laughs this off, voters who care about our climate and the influence of money in politics are still really disturbed by her continued acceptance of these industry donations,” Yong Jung Cho, a spokeswoman for the environmental activist group, said in a statement.

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