‘Captain America: Civil War’ Star Daniel Bruhl Talks Baron Zemo’s Role And Says The Film Has ‘Many Secrets’

Captain America: Civil War has already shown fans so much footage in the trailers, yet there seems to be so much more we haven’t seen. In particular, Daniel Bruhl’s villainous Baron Zemo. The villain has yet to show up in any of the trailers, TV spots or promotional posters/images, and probably for good reason. Civil War is already jam-packed with so many characters, it’s wise to keep some surprises just for the theatrical viewing. Daniel Bruhl himself was able to provide some very vague comments as to what his role is in the film.

Possible spoilers for Captain America: Civil War up ahead!

“I was really told not to because there are so many secrets in the film,” Daniel Bruhl tells Total Film magazine. “And also my character’s quite mysterious, so I’m really scared to say too much. The things I’ve mentioned in interviews before were already too much – and I thought it was nothing!”

Marvel Studios has their actors keeping things pretty close to the chest at all times, so this is nothing new. Bruhl was able to reveal the fact that part of the reason he was cast in the role of Baron Zemo was due to his natural German accent. Zemo, in the comics, was born in Germany.

“Yes, but what I like is it’s not a stereotype,” Daniel Bruhl comments. “It’s not a guy who’s mean and sinister, but he’s actually very clever – a very smart guy who does everything out of a very understandable reason and motivation.”

Daniel Bruhl, nor Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, have specified exactly which version of Baron Zemo Bruhl will be portraying. Dr. Heinrich Zemo was the first to appear in the comics, who was a top scientist in the Nazi Party and battled Captain America. Heinrich Zemo’s legacy was carried on by his son, Helmut J. Zemo. Which one Bruhl will be playing in Captain America: Civil War is not yet known. However, Feige has said that this version of Zemo is a product of the MCU.

“I will say that his character is very much a product of the Cinematic Universe and all that has occurred within that universe up to this point,” Feige said. The Red Skull was the leader of HYDRA in The First Avenger, and his successor was Baron Von Strucker in Age of Ultron, so it might be safe to say that Zemo will be heading the organization in Captain America: Civil War.

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But Baron Zemo doesn’t sound like he will be a last minute addition into the film, and will play an important role in the backbone of the movie.

“Some of the things that happen in the film, and why they happen, are because of him,” Daniel Bruhl continued. “He is orchestrating things that happen throughout the film. I think that’s something I can say, go***mn it!”

When looking at the trailers for Captain America: Civil War, there is a scene with an explosion in what looks like a United Nations building. Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa/Black Panther seems to be leaning over somebody and crying. Black Panther is hunting Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier in the film and it looks like it is retaliation for the explosion – Bucky seems to be receiving the blame for what happened. It’s very possible that this is an event orchestrated by Baron Zemo, with Bucky as the perfect target to pin it on.

Captain America: Civil War was shown to critics at a press screening just a few weeks before its wide theatrical release, and the film is picking up rave reviews.


Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6, 2016.

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