Why The 'Black Ops 2' And 'Modern Warfare 2' Getting Backward Compatibility On Xbox One Rumors Could Be True

Do you miss playing the older Call of Duty games on your Xbox One now that you've left your Xbox 360 gathering dust in the corner? Well if that's the case, this new leak circulating online could bring a smile to your face.

Reports are coming out regarding a supposed Call of Duty backward compatible titles leak, centered on masterpieces Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare seen on the backward compatibility list of Xbox Live.

Recently, twitter user @PlayBlackOps3 came out with a leaked image of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on the Xbox One backward compatibility list. According to the tweet, the image leaked earlier by mistake, which could mean this is something Infinity Ward is saving for a later date but was put up live by mistake (or on purpose).

Instead of a mistake, we believe that this leak could be happening in the near future. A lot of rumors about older Call of Duty titles were already in the air as soon as backward compatibility was announced for Xbox One, so this one could not be any more impossible.

If we recall in March, a credible source reached out to The Tech Game regarding Call of Duty devs releasing a backward compatible Call of Duty Black Ops II and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox One. While we know little about the upcoming Call of Duty title, the source reported that Black Ops II and Modern Warfare 2 might be coming down on Xbox One as a pre-order bonus content for the new Call of Duty title.

Actually, this is not impossible at all, since a lot of new titles on the Xbox One have been bundling new titles with backward compatibility of older titles in their respective franchises. To name a few, Dark Souls 3 came out with Dark Souls on Xbox One, Fallout 4 did the same with Fallout 3, Quantum Break brought Alan Wake in its trail, and of course, the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition brought along the whole Gears of War family on Xbox One. In fact, Call of Duty did the same with Black Ops 3 when it bundled the full game download for the original Black Ops with the Black Ops 3's release. Who's to say backward compatibility of Call of Duty's biggest titles is far-fetched?

Black Ops 3 continues to be a Call of Duty favorite (via Callofdutycom)