Brianne Altice: Teacher Defends Sexual Abuse Of Students, Blames The Parents

Utah teacher Brianne Altice, who is serving a two-year sentence after admittedly having forcible sexual relations with three of her students, has justified her actions, verbally lashing out at the parents of one of her young victims.

Brianne Altice, who taught English at a high school in Kaysville, was arrested in October 2013 after authorities discovered she had sex with a 15-year male student. In the following months, two other victims stepped forward leading to over a dozen felony charges.

Huffington Post reports Altice was terminated from her job in February, after being placed on administrative leave by the Davis School District. She was hired in 2004 and served in several different posts before becoming an English teacher in August 2012.

Altice was released from the Davis County Correctional Facility on a $10,000 bond. However, following her release, she resumed having sex with one of her victims.

The student, who was 17 at the time, said he considered Altice a girlfriend, even though she was admittedly having sex with two other male students. During police questioning, the teen admitted having oral and penetrative sex with the teacher between November 2013 and September 2014. The encounters reportedly took place in her vehicle and home when her husband was not around.

Altice’s defense team convinced the judge to treat the cases separately as opposed to combining them into one trial. Prosecutors were disappointed with the judge’s ruling, as Brianne Altice was facing a more severe sentence if the charges were combined. In exchange for a plea bargain, prosecutors dropped 11 other charges against Altice — including first-degree felony rape.

In her own defense, the disgraced teacher argued that she was emotionally damaged and simply committed a blunder when she succumbed to sexual overtures from her students. She will have her first parole hearing in 2017 and could face even more time in prison on other charges, which have yet to be filed.

According to Daily Mail, Brianne Altice is now facing a civil lawsuit, which the parents of one of her victims filed against her and the Davis School District in Salt Lake City.

In response to the lawsuit, Brianne Altice said the victim in question complained about a nonexistent relationship with his parents on numerous occasions. The convicted sex offender also criticized the patents for failing to show up for parent-teacher conferences.

The 37-year-old teacher also addressed claims that she wore “risqué” clothing to work, saying she was never disciplined over her choice of clothes. Altice insists her sexual relations with the students were without “evil or malicious intent.”

The formerly married English teacher discussed these issues in a two-page letter to the court, which was written in response to the recently filed lawsuit. She also contends she does not have the means to defend herself against the lawsuit. “I cannot afford proper counsel to defend myself. I will respond to what I can to the best of my ability,” she wrote.

In the two-page letter, Brianne Altice also responded to allegations that she coerced the boys to spend time with her and skip their classes, an allegation which she denies. Altice countered the allegation, saying she allowed both male and female students to spend time in her classroom and was always available to students during their lunch break or before and after class.

According to the lawsuit, school officials were aware of the former Utah teacher’s behavior with male students and refused to do anything about it. The plaintiffs claim Brianne Altice’s sexual relations with students were an “open secret” and became a disturbing joke among students and other teachers, who regularly asked, “Who is Ms. Altice sleeping with now?”

The parents of the teenage victim said the former teacher preyed on and flirted with male students, passing them notes during class and even planning romantic picnics.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Brianne Altice and the school are seeking an undisclosed amount in damages for mental, emotional, and physical anguish as well as expenses that will be incurred from therapy and counseling sessions. A date for the trial has not been set at this time.

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