Trayvon Martin Corpse Photo Released Accidentally By Florida Prosecutors

Orlando, FL – A Trayvon Martin corpse photo was accidentally released by prosecutors during an “evidence dump” gone horribly wrong. The photo of Trayvon Martin post-mortem was included in a box with George Zimmerman’s college transcripts from his years spent at Seminole State.

Both the Trayvon Martin corpse photo and George Zimmerman’s college grades were supposed to be kept confidential. The office of Special Prosecutor Angela Corey released the confidential images and documents earlier today, according to the New York Daily News. Although the Florida prosecutor would likely prefer the media not run the post-mortem Trayvon Martin photo or George Zimmerman’s Seminole State transcripts or any of the other confidential documents, some media outlets have already published the material.

The Smoking Gun published the Trayvon Martin corpse image which shows the teenager laying face down in the grass after being shot. The files accidentally included in the box of evidence also include specific and graphic details about the Martin shooting. According to information published by the Orlando Sentinel, Sanford police officers found Trayvon Martin’s blood on the bag of Skittles candy in his pocket.

Confidential evidence in the George Zimmerman trial also shared by mistake with the public includes Sanford Police Department emails. The Zimmerman college transcripts note the man facing second-degree murder charges for shooting the teenager had been placed on academic probation in 2011 when his grade point average dipped below 2.0. Approximately one month before the Trayvon Martin shooting, Zimmerman was given permission for an administrative withdrawal from Seminole State.

The first Zimmerman hearing is not expected to take place for several months. The impact of the accidentally leaked Trayvon Martin corpse photo and the college transcripts of the murder suspect remain to be seen. The Daily Mail reports George Zimmerman is expected to take the stand in his own defense during the upcoming court proceedings.

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