Love don’t cost a thing, but if it did…

…it would command a pretty hefty price tag.

The last few years have been rough financially, and for many, the opportunities to enjoy oneself via the presence of discretionary income have dwindled significantly. (Which is a “remember when” style bummer for those of us old enough to recall the halcyon days of the late 90s where everyone had money. I lived in Manhattan then, and it was awesome.)

But take heart, oh ye youth of still-limited means. Pricey pleasures may not have been entirely out of your reach as you’ve slogged through the recession that won’t die. Have you ever been gifted with those three terrifyingusually post-coital magical words?

A recent study polled a thousand British people to assign values to “significant life events” in an attempt to create an alternate system of valuing things since, like, no one has any money anymore. From the article:

This gripping survey was commissioned by Steve Henry, author of You Are Really Rich: You Just Don’t Know It

“People are looking for something to replace money as a general criterion for value,” explains Mr Henry. “The book is about a new alternative to a purely financial system.”

So while related pleasures are as expensive as a starter home in some parts of the US- “making love” (ew, lame!) rings up at an impressive £105,210, while being in a “stable relationship” is worth about £154,849- hearing the words “I love you” is valued at £163,424.

The other person sleeping in the wet spot? Still priceless.

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