‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6: Isaac Hempstead Wright Returns As Bran Stark — Will He Return To Save Jon Snow?

Game of Thrones is headed back to HBO on April 24 and fans are excited to hear that Isaac Hempstead Wright will also be returning for Season 6 to play a much more grown up Bran Stark. Since Season 1, Bran has been dreaming about a three-eyed raven and GoT fans knew that the visions were significant. After taking a season-long break on the HBO hit, the youngest Stark boy is back and he’s about to show the rest of the kingdoms just how powerful he is. There is even a popular theory that Bran’s return, along with his gift of magical powers, will be what saves Jon Snow.

There is a lot of buzz surrounding Isaac Hempstead Wright’s return to Game of Thrones. The actor took all of Season 5 off while Bran Stark learned of his powers. Now he’s ready to return and the actor who plays Bran has grown up a lot. The much taller Hempstead Wright gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly where he said, “Previously Bran’s seen tiny glimpses of future or past but never has he been very much in control in the situation. Now we’re given looks into very important events in the past, present and future of this world and Bran is beginning to piece them together like a detective, almost as if he’s watching the show.”

Some are theorizing that Bran’s gift will enable him to see who Jon Snow’s parents really are. Many believe that Snow has royal blood but no one knows exactly who his parents are. HBO recently released information claiming that Snow is dead, something fans have been theorizing and wondering about since the Season 5 finale last year. However, Kit Harrington has been seen on the Game of Thrones set and is said to be appearing in Season 6. Does this mean that Bran Stark might bring him back from the dead? Are his powers that great?

Of his appearance, Hempstead Wright said during a press conference, “The last time people saw me, I was three feet smaller, long hair. So, at the moment, I don’t get recognized at all as Bran Stark, which is nice. When this comes out, I look like more than I do now,” the young actor said of his much taller build and grown-up features. It sounds like his character of Bran will be much more grown than the last time fans saw him too. Hempstead Wright went on to say of his character, “By Season 6, Bran has now got a firm grasp of what his role is within the world.” Game of Thrones fans can’t wait to see just how much power the crippled son of the late Ned Stark wields.

It was in Season 4 that Bran Stark discovered the three-eyed raven that he had seen in visions for three seasons prior. Once Bran met the bird, it started training him rather than guiding him as in past seasons. He was absent all of Season 5 while training with this raven and now the young boy is back and it looks like he’ll be an integral part to the Game of Thrones story.

While Isaac Hempstead Wright doesn’t feel his character should be king, he does think Bran Stark has a chance to influence who is. “I don’t think Bran should necessarily rule and I think he’d be perfect to be someone who enables someone else to rule, like a magic sage, who could advise and counsel. More than anything else, (I’d like him to) be some mother-nature kind of character, controls all the trees and keeps balance in the world.”

Do you think Bran Stark’s return in Season 6 means that Jon Snow might live? Tell us how you believe Bran’s new powers will change the balance of power on Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones Season 6 premieres Sunday, April 24, at 9 p.m. on HBO.

[Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images]