Missing Boy’s Aunt And Uncle Accused Of Killing Him

The long search for missing child Colton Levi Clark is just one step closer to an end, with new shocking developments in this decade-old case. CBS News reported that the boy’s aunt and uncle have been arrested in association with his disappearance, and they face a slew of charges that seem to confirm the long-held belief that Colton won’t be found alive.

Authorities in Oklahoma have arrested Rex and Rebecca Clark, and the allegations against them indicate that authorities believe they killed the missing nine-year-old child. The Daily Mail stated that arrest warrants associated with the arrests allege that Colton Levi Clark was the victim of child abuse while in the care of his aunt and uncle. Now, authorities are scouring the five acre property inhabited by the family, in the search for human remains.

Arrest warrants detail a list of allegations against Rex and Rebecca Clark. Investigators believe that they abused the nine-year-old child, leading to his murder, which they have allegedly tried to cover up over the course of 10 years.

Nine-year-old Colton vanished in April 2006 — a decade ago — from the property that authorities are now searching for the boy’s body. At the time, Rex and Rebecca Clark were the foster parents of both Colton and his brother. Over the course of the past 10 years, there has been a lot of speculation regarding the aunt and uncle in this case. However, it wasn’t until seven months ago that authorities reopened the case with new information that led them to the Clarks. The nature of this information is not yet being disclosed to the public.

The speculation against the Clarks, however, hasn’t come without reason. Before Colton was reported missing, the Department of Human Services tried multiple times to talk to the boy, but were unable to every time. When they threatened to show up at the home of Rex and Rebecca Clark, it finally became known that the lad was missing. This was when Rebecca Clark finally called 911 to report his disappearance. However, the nine-year-old boy’s disappearance was treated as a runaway incident. It didn’t take long for authorities to figure out that this was not a case of a runaway. Now they are certain that Rex and Rebecca Clark had a direct hand in his disappearance and alleged death. Will they find the boy’s remains on their property?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a foster parent has been accused of abuse and murder in regards to the children in their care. The high profile disappearance of North Carolina teen Erica Lynn Parsons remains unsolved, though suspicion has long-hovered over her adoptive parents. Sandy and Casey Parsons have been imprisoned for fraud associated with the welfare system (in relation to Erica’s disappearance), but Erica has not been found and no charges have ever been pursued regarding her disappearance.

Will the cold case disappearance of Colton Levi Clark finally be solved due to the latest developments? So far there have been no updates regarding the search for remains on the property owned by Rex and Rebecca Clark. In the meantime, the media is fixated on this 10-year-old case, waiting for the newest developments in the disappearance of the Oklahoma child.

[Photo via Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (handout)]

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