Let Freedom Buzz: Ban On Vibrator Giveaway Lifted

New York City, NY – Trojan Vibrator Pleasure Carts will once again be rolling along the streets of NYC thanks to Mayor Michael Bloomberg lifting the “vibrator giveaway ban.” The planned vibrator bonanza ended abruptly earlier this week when Trojan staffers pushing the carts around the city met with opposition from city officials due to the lack of proper permits.

Trojan will give away approximately 10,000 free sex toys today. New York City permit officials garnered their $3,100 fee from Trojan, so now the company can continue with plans to give away free vibrators to consenting adults until later this evening, according to the New York Post. Trojan was charged the same street usage free as non-erotic vendors.

“Mayor Michael Blooomberg doesn’t want anyone to have fun. You can’t have a giant soda, you can’t have a vibrator,” NYC resident Melody Henry told the Huffington Post when the Trojan Pleasure Carts had to take their sex toys and go home.

The long line of both men and women lining up for free Trojan vibrators earlier this week will have a second opportunity to garner a free sex toy if they can find a Pleasure Cart before the permit grace periods ends. Massive crowds during the first attempt to hand out free vibrators are the primary reason city officials noticed the Trojan carts in the first place, the Examiner notes. So many adults gathered in one place eager for a little free pleasure wound up causing the company to pay a heft permit fee before the highly anticipated promotional event could resume. New Yorkers may not be able to enjoy a tall sugary soda pop or have baby formula handed to them after giving birth — but for a limited time only, free vibrators are once again available to the masses.

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