Skinnygirl Mogul Bethenny Frankel Shades ‘RHONY’ Newbie Jules Wainstein For Being Too Thin

The new season of the Real Housewives of New York City has arrived and the ladies are already drumming up the drama. In the latest episode, RHONY star Bethenny Frankel criticized newcomer Jules Wainstein for her ultra-thin appearance. Will her comments have a negative impact on her co-star as the season continues to develop?

According to People, the conversation between Frankel and Wainstein started after the former went out on a lunch date with Dorinda Medley. While Medley and Frankel talked about their own set of struggles, including Medley’s drinking habits, Wainstein eventually joined the women.

In true Frankel fashion, the reality star immediately went into Wainstein’s eating habits. While her comments appeared a little too judgmental at first, Frankel at least sounded as though she was being sincere.

“Wainstein reminds me of my mom. It freaks me out a little bit,” Frankel stated. “She looks like a really thin girl… she looks like there’s an issue. I wrote a book called Naturally Thin. This is not natural thin.”

To add further insult, Frankel made the comments within earshot of Wainstein. Of course, the installment ended before fans got a chance to see how Wainstein reacted to Frankel’s allegations. Clearly, future episodes will dive back into the issue, though it isn’t clear how Wainstein took the news.

Bethenny Frankel often flaunts her thin frame on social media. [Image via Instagram] Bethenny Frankel often flaunts her thin frame on social media. [Image via Instagram]While fans will have to wait see what happens, the Daily Mail is reporting that Frankel opened up about the subject during an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. In speaking about her comments towards Wainstein, Frankel reiterated that she thinks something is going on.

“She looks like there’s an issue…freaks me out a little bit,” Frankel told Cohen. “I knew that was coming, I have a brand called Skinnygirl… just watch what happens.”

As far as her future relationship with Wainstein is concerned, Frankel is not worried about the possible negative impact of her comments. Instead, Frankel explained how she doesn’t really care who she’s talking about when she speaks her mind and that it had nothing to do with Wainstein being new to the show.

“We have a little bit of a rocky road…listen, they come in and I say what I think,” Frankel stated. “Doesn’t matter if you’re new or old, I have ripped Ramona [Singer] and Luann [de Lesseps]. I’ve been ripped by Ramona on the Brooklyn Bridge. Don’t hate the player, hate the game baby.”

Bethenny Frankel And Carole Radziwill Call 'Real Housewives Of New York' Season 8 A 'Roller Coaster Of Crazy' [Image via Bravo] ‘The Real Housewives of New York’ Season 8 cast. [Image via Bravo]Apart from the drama with Wainstein, Bethenny Frankel is still dealing with the divorce from Jason Hoppy. Although the legal process has dragged on for a long time now, Frankel is optimistic that it will end soon. However, she also admits that her love life hasn’t been great lately.

“It’s now as dry as a bone, it’s as dry as the grey gardens’ petunia,” Frankel said of her love life. “I feel like we’re on the 18th hole, I think we’re at the end of it. I like to be good at things so I figure if I’m gonna get a divorce I’m going to have the longest and best and most expensive divorce, you know, it’s like a purse.”

Finally, Frankel also addressed her comments towards Medley’s boyfriend, whom she referred to as a “chubby baby” during their lunch outing. While Frankel was adamant that she has nothing against his professional life, she does have her doubts on whether or not he’s a good fit for Medley.

“Sometimes he can be shady. So you can throw all the shade you want, but he can be a little shady,” she concluded.

The current season of the Real Housewives of New York continues Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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[Image via Bravo]