The PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 3.50 Has Some Hidden Secrets Sony Didn't Mention

David Cornell

PlayStation 4 firmware update 3.50 arrived on Wednesday with the added benefit of remote PC or Mac play for gamers running at least Windows 8.1 or OS X 10.10. However, in typical Sony fashion, there were some hidden secrets included which they didn't mention.

As stated above, the remote PC or Mac play won't work if the operating system isn't recent within the last few years. Windows 7 gamers will have to stick with Xbox 360 level titles at best, since Windows 7 isn't capable of handling anything from the latest consoles. Just try to play Watch Dogs on a laptop made in 2011, and the game will likely crash before it even starts.

Many gamers have reported that PC remote play still doesn't work the way it should, to which Sony has stated that they encourage gamers to report the problems. The next PlayStation 4 firmware update after 3.5 might fix the issues based on your feedback.

If playing your PS4 titles on your PC or Mac isn't your thing, it's okay. Sony has added some other features which early adopters might find relief in.

Taking screenshots was once potentially annoying, especially when friends signed in to PSN or delivered messages while the screenshot was being taken. Notifications were immortalizing their interruptions as part of your accomplishments. Now, PS4 owners have the option to turn notifications off, eliminating the photo bomb equivalent for screenshots on the console.

Also, if you want to focus on your game and not get messages from overly social friends who absolutely must chat while you're trying to get that tricky extra objective, PlayStation 4 firmware update 3.50 gives you the option to appear offline, even when you're signed in. If your friends don't see you online, they might not bother you during those moments. Of course, if they see you earned a trophy or two when they wanted to chat, they'll know your ruse.

Did you previously play your own music via USB while playing a game? Now gamers can enjoy this feature again, as the latest update has put the capability back. If you want to listen to Five Finger Death Punch while you play Need for Speed, or perhaps Kanye West during Call of Duty, it's your prerogative. You have the option again thanks to PlayStation 4 firmware update 3.50.

You can also now swap out that old hard drive for a 4TB one, which is useful if you have a lot of games and don't want to delete them to make room for more. The stock 500GB hard drive could only hold about 10 large games, and most gamers end up with a library including more games than that. This might not be such great news if you already upgraded to a 2TB hard drive, though.

— Heather Weaver (@GeekMomMashup) April 9, 2016

You can now limit the size of a party from two to eight players as well, in case you just want an exclusive competition with your favorite group of gamers.

Sadly, there isn't any support for the VR headset included with PlayStation 4 firmware update 3.50. You'll have to wait for the PlayStation 4K to arrive for that, and it's still unknown how Sony plans to make it profitable while keeping the cost reasonable. The hardware needed for 4K resolution isn't cheap.

What do you think of the new features added to the PlayStation 4 through firmware update 3.50?

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