Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Celebrate Love Using Twitter Icons, Gwen Loves Blake’s New Song

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani continue to come up with creative ways to use social media to celebrate their romance, and they’re also using Twitter to help each other promote their new songs and albums. Gwen has been talking about her faith a lot lately, so perhaps it won’t shock her fans to learn that she’s in love with Blake’s new gospel song.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton decided to mark their five-months anniversary by changing their Twitter photos for Flashback Friday, and Shefani fans are freaking out about the pictures that they decided to use.

Gwen And Blake Change Twitter Profile Pics
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s Twitter icons (Images via Gwen Stefani, Blake SheltonTwitter)

According to Entertainment Tonight, Blake’s new profile picture is an old photo of Gwen, and Gwen’s icon is now a blonde Blake with a baby face. One of Gwen’s followers joked that the “Make Me Like You” singer’s Twitter “is basically a Blake Shelton fanpage,” and Gwen let the Shefani fan know that she agrees with this assessment by rewarding her with a retweet of approval.

Gwen and Blake haven’t revealed why they decided to change their Twitter icons to throwback photos, but perhaps one of Blake’s attempts to embarrass Adam Levine inspired him to go digging for an old picture of his girlfriend. For a few days, Blake’s Twitter icon was a photo of a young Adam with long, slicked-down hair. However, Adam Levine’s dark locks weren’t quite as lengthy or luxurious as the curly mullet that Blake Shelton used to rock early on in his career.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Blake Shelton has used Twitter to show his support for Gwen Stefani on numerous occasions. Last week, he begged his followers to tune in to Saturday Night Live to watch Gwen perform two songs inspired by her cowboy muse, and fans who heeded Blake’s advice were richly rewarded with Gwen’s special “Space Pants” duet with SNL host Peter Dinklage. Blake also supported Gwen by buying a ton of copies of This Is What the Truth Feels Like, so his girlfriend better get her credit card ready for the May 20th release of Blake’s new album, If I’m Honest.

Speaking of Blake Shelton’s new music, Gwen Stefani recently supported her boyfriend by tweeting that she’s a big fan of his just-released gospel song, “Savior’s Shadow.” Faith is obviously very important to both Gwen and Blake, with Gwen telling the New York Times that the power of prayer helped her survive her divorce and complete her new album.

According to Taste of Country, Blake enlisted songwriters Jessi Alexander and Jon Randall to help him complete “Saviors Shadow” after he literally dreamed up most of its lyrics.

“I dreamed the song last summer,” Blake tweeted in response to a fan who dubbed the tune “inspiration at its best.”

“I woke up and wrote down everything I could remember.”

Alexander said the gospel song “came deep from Blake’s soul,” and she compared it to Kris Kristofferson’s “Why Me Lord.”

“Though the Devil tried to break me / My sweet Jesus won’t forsake me,” Blake Shelton sings in “Savior’s Shadow.”

According to Entertainment Tonight, Blake penned the song last August, a month after he and Miranda Lambert announced that they were getting a divorce. Blake was so excited about what he had written that he took to Twitter to inform his followers that he had just finished working on a tune that was very important to him. Now that fans can finally listen to the song, they seem to agree that Blake has created something that’s important and special—Pop Vortex reports that “Savior’s Shadow” is currently number five on the iTunes Gospel & Christian Songs chart.

“Savior’s Shadow” isn’t the only new Blake Shelton song that fans can currently listen to. According to Entertainment Weekly, Blake also teamed up with Jessi Alexander to write a song for the upcoming Angry Birds movie, and it already has its own music video. Blake voices a green pig named Earl in the animated flick based on the popular mobile game, and it looks like Blake’s porcine character can sing just as well as the colorful birds that he and his ilk are so good at irritating.

Blake’s song for the Angry Birds soundtrack is titled “Friends,” and Blake recently shared the music video for the upbeat tune about a pair of unlikely pals.

“Who’d have thought we’d wind up here together? / It’s crazy that we’re standing side by side,” Blake sings. “Fighting just like two birds of a feather / Who’s gonna tell us now that we can’t fly?”

The music video below features a few guest appearance by Angry Birds characters, including Earl the pig and his posse of green hams. The movie hits theaters on May 20. As mentioned above, this just so happens to be the same day that Blake Shelton drops his new album.

What do you think of Blake Shelton’s new tunes? And do you think Gwen Stefani and her three sons will score an invite to the Angry Birds premiere next month?

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