Stacy Fawcett Killed: Popular Dallas Food Reporter Stabbed To Death By Son, Who Was Haunted By Concussion Suffered Playing High School Basketball

Stacy Fawcett was murdered on Friday along with her 17-year-old son, and police say the popular Dallas television personality was killed by her other son who attacked in a fit of rage.

Fawcett was a fixture on Dallas television, known as “Dallas’s Favorite Foodie” in her stint on Channel 8’s News 8 Daybreak. Plano Police confirmed Friday that the 45-year-old Fawcett and her son, Josiah Utu, were stabbed to death. They say the suspect was 19-year-old McCann Utu, Jr., who also stabbed himself before reportedly calling police to tell them he had committed the murders. He was taken to a hospital and later died of his wounds.

Some family members fear that McCann Utu may have been deeply affected by a pair of concussions, including one suffered while playing sports at Plano West High School.

As the Dallas News reported, family and those close to McCann said the injuries left him permanently changed.

“Police said they weren’t aware of any past calls from the home near West Parker Road and Dallas North Tollway. But loved ones said McCann had been troubled for years — since he suffered two concussions that they said deeply altered his personality.

“The first occurred in fall 2013 while he was playing basketball for Plano West High School.

“The second, more damaging injury occurred a few months later during an altercation with another student, his family said.

“After graduating from Plano West, he did not attend college and lived at home with his mother and brother.”

Many remembered McCann as a kind boy who did not seem capable of murder.

“The McCann I knew, he would never do something like that,” said Waseem Limbada, 19, a longtime friend of McCann. “He loved Josiah, he loved his mom.”

The father of the boys, McCann Utu, Sr., also blamed his son’s concussion for the erratic and violent behavior.

“I’m in so much pain and need to grieve for my boys and Stacy right now,” he said in a statement to News 8. “I will stay in touch when the time is right. Please respect this time for me and my entire for family. Thank you… God will use my pain to help and save other that are going through mental illness and concussion. God will glorify through my pain.”

As news of Stacy Fawcett’s murder spread, many fans and loved ones went online to show their support. Some left messages on her Facebook page, remembering her as a loving friend and vibrant television personality.

“I still can’t believe this is real!” one friend wrote. “I’m at a loss for words and can’t believe I’ll never hear your sweet laugh again????I saved some of your messages and keep listening to your voice…you always had a special way of making me feel better no matter what. You will never know the impact you have made in my life and in so many others.”

Stacy Fawcett was also remembered for her work on WFAA, where she gained a big following for her food segments.

“She loved sharing her passion for food with us and with the viewers in North Texas, and she will be missed,” WFAA executive news director Carolyn Mungo said in a statement.

People magazine reported that many others gathered at Plano West High School to remember Josiah, who was a junior there.

Family and friends have also started a GoFundMe account to help pay for memorial services. So far it has raised close to $13,000 of the $20,000 goal.

While police have released few other details on the murder of Stacy Fawcett, her brother claimed that it came after McCann went on a “rampage,” taking knives from the family’s kitchen and stabbing his mother and brother. There was no word on what caused the teen to snap.

[Image via Facebook/Stacy Fawcett]