Massive Cylinder UFO Filmed Over Highway In Pell City, Alabama [Video]

A witness in Pell City, Alabama, recently reported sighting and filming a massive, black cylinder UFO hovering over a busy highway west of Pell city.

According to the unnamed witness in a report filed as Case 71724 in the database of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), he was driving eastward along I-20, west of Pell City on October 21, 2015, when he saw a large, black, cylinder UFO hovering low over the highway.

He recalled that the time of the first sighting was exactly 12:02 p.m. because he glanced at his watch just before he saw the UFO.

The witness had a camera in his car at the time so he began filming.

The video (see below) shows the witness’s attempt to film the UFO in the sky while driving. As Open Minds’ Roger Marsh noted, the alleged UFO was barely visible in the video because the witness’s hands were not steady as he drove along. The witness admitted that the video was of poor quality but drew attention to a glimpse of the object towards the end of the clip. Similarly, a still frame taken from the footage gave MUFON investigators a better view of mysterious object.

Many viewers on YouTube voiced disappointment after viewing the video and railed against MUFON for uploading such poor quality footage. But apologists for MUFON countered, saying that the video was uploaded because it was related to the testimony of the witness who claimed he sighted a large cylinder UFO hovering over a major highway. Other apologists suggested that some viewers were disappointed probably because they had been seeing spectacular videos uploaded by hoax channels that push exaggerated claims based on doctored images and videos.

“Glad he did not get into a car crash while trying to capture [the UFO].

“It is a crack in your windshield; you should go and fix it.”

“MUFON is a joke. How can anyone take this organization seriously when they keep uploading videos like this?”

However, one witness suggested that it could have been a solar balloon.

The witness acknowledged the UFO looked much smaller in the video. He claimed the object he saw hovering over the highway was about 80 feet long and about “300 feet off of the deck.”

“Unfortunately, the video makes it appear much smaller than what I was observing.”

He said he observed the UFO continuously over two miles of the interstate before he eventually passed beneath it.

“I estimate the object to be around 80 feet long and approximately 300 feet off of the deck,” he said. “I observed it for about two miles of interstate before passing underneath it.”

As he passed beneath the UFO he was able to observe it close up, yet he could not identify any specific features, such as windows. But he noticed it appeared stationary as he passed underneath.

“I could not see any windows or features to the object, and it appeared stationary.”

His wife was driving behind him at the time. He estimated she was about 10 minutes behind. He called her on the phone and asked if she noticed a cylinder-shaped object hovering in the sky over the highway.

But she did not see any object in the sky when she reached the point on the highway where the witness saw the UFO. The witness concluded that the object had moved away by the time his wife passed the spot.

“My wife was traveling less than 10 minutes behind me,” he said, “and was not able to positively ID the object as it had moved away by then.”

Much later, the witness reviewed the video and took a screenshot of the zoomed-in image of the object.

“The video makes it appear much smaller than what I was observing. Anyways, I don’t know what it was, thought maybe you would be interested,” he concluded.

Reported sightings of cylinder-shaped UFOs often elicit references to the testimony obtained from legendary hacker Gary McKinnon who was accused of hacking into U.S. Military computer networks between February 2001 and March 2002.

According McKinnon — who later told media reporters that he was searching for evidence of alleged secret U.S. government files on alien and UFOs — he found “fleet-to-fleet” cargo transfer records of alien technology-based top-secret Pentagon space (“off-world”) programs.

He also claimed to have found databases that included high-resolution images of alien technology-based spacecraft he described as “classic silvery colored cylinder- or cigar-shaped UFOs.”

He noted that the UFOs did not look like man-made crafts. He tried to download one of the images but was unable to complete the process because his dial-up connection was too slow.

McKinnon’s description of the UFOs led to speculations that frequently sighted cylinder-shaped UFOs could be part of alleged Pentagon “off-world” fleets.

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