Hillary Clinton Campaign: Americans Can Handle UFO Truth

Since the Orson Welles radio drama The War of the Worlds aired on October 30, 1938, the American public has had an obsession with UFO’s and little grey men. Now, one Hillary Clinton campaign staffer thinks that it’s time for the U.S. government to come clean about what it knows about UFOs. John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, was a guest on CNN’s The Lead this week, and he told host Jake Tapper that it’s time for the U.S. government to talk aliens — the extraterrestrial kind, not the immigrant kind.

“The U.S. government could do a much better job in answering the quite legitimate questions that people have about what’s going on with unidentified aerial phenomena.”

Podesta went on to say that Americans are ready for and can handle “the truth,” whatever that may be.

As CNN reports, the current Hillary Clinton campaign chairman also spent some time serving in the Obama administration. During his tenure, he wasn’t shy about making the American public aware of his interest in UFOs, alien life, and even his “conspiratorial leanings” regarding the mysterious Area 51. While he worked for Obama, the current Clinton campaign staffer even took to social media to lament his inability to get UFO files opened to the public.

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The Clinton campaign chairman isn’t the only member of the Clinton camp who wants to see the American public filled in on potential U.S. contact with UFOs and/or extraterrestrial life. In January 2016, Hillary Clinton herself swore to “get to the bottom” of rumors that have been plaguing the U.S. government for decades regarding potential knowledge of/contact between the U.S. government and ETs.

According to Podesta, he’s talked directly to the former Secretary of State and current Democratic presidential front-runner about UFOs and disclosure. He says that Hillary Clinton plans to ask for “as many records as the U.S. federal government has” to be declassified and made available to the public. The Hillary Clinton campaign chairman went on to say that he believes Clinton intends to keep that commitment and that it’s certainly something he intends to “hold her to” if she is elected president in November.

In addition to being a former Obama administration staff member and the current Clinton campaign chairman, Podesta was once the chief of staff to former U.S. president Bill Clinton. According to Podesta, Bill Clinton once sought out information about UFOs, extraterrestrials, and “in particular, some information about what was going on at Area 51.”

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The Clinton campaign chairman did not disclose what answers former President Clinton may or may not have received as the result of his query. When asked directly if evidence of alien life exists somewhere in a U.S. government agency or agencies, Podesta’s answer was a bit vague and rather cryptic, circling back to his desire to let the American public in on what the U.S. government knows.

“That’s for the public to judge once they’ve seen all the evidence that the U.S. government has.”

The Hillary Clinton campaign chairman also weighed in on his own personal thoughts and beliefs regarding alien life and UFOs, merely saying that there “are a lot of planets out there.”

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At the end of the day, it remains to be seen whether or not Hillary Clinton will be able to get the sought-after UFO files declassified and released to the public if she secures her White House bid. Plenty of U.S. presidents have sworn that they would be the one to let the American people in on the deepest, darkest UFO secrets the U.S. government may be hiding and, so far, all have failed. Even current president Barack Obama has commented on the alien mystery, most recently in February. It was then, Express reports, that Obama was questioned by a 6-year-old girl during an interview that aired on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. During the interview, the president was asked if he knew anything about contact with aliens. Obama’s response? “It’s a secret.”

Indeed. It is a secret. And only time will tell if Hillary Clinton could be the president who changes that.

According to Hillary’s campaign chairman, “The American people can handle the truth.”

What do you think? Do you think there is anything to the rumors that the U.S. government is hiding information about UFOs and possibly even direct extraterrestrial contact? Do you think that, as Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman has alluded, disclosure could be coming soon?

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