Medal Count Tallied, Will US Come Out On Top?

medal count updated

Medal count in the Olympics is looming ever larger as a barometer of a nation’s satisfaction with the games, as the close of the events approaches this coming Sunday — and here in the US, what everyone wants to know is whether the American athletes will eclipse the currently-leading China to walk away with the largest count of medals overall.

The Olympics medal count is being closely watched in countries across the world right now, as China leads the US by a handful of gold medals. But other nations have shown a strong result relative to their size and Olympic might, such as host nation Great Britain, which has grabbed more than a dozen golds since the events kicked off weeks ago.

Of course, medal count changes hour by hour as events continue on, and the tallies are very, very high. Sitting at the top on medal count right now is China, led closely by the US and trailing in third, the UK.

Rebecca Soni World Record Gold Medal

Google is, as always, the best source for up-to-the minute medal counts, and you can get the latest Olympic medal count at the top of the page by clicking here. As of now, China leads the US with 36 golds, 23 silvers and 19 bronze medals, adding up to a total medal count of 78.

The US has a total medal count of 83, however — fewer golds at 35, but 23 silvers and 25 bronze medals. The United Kingdom has scored an impressive 24 gold medals, as well as 13 silvers and 14 bronze for a medal count of 51.