Son Leaves Wife For Biological Mother, Couple Planning Marriage And A Baby

On meeting his biological mother after 30 years, a man left his wife and claims what they are now doing is not incest. According to the biological mother, the sex with her son is “incredible,” and they are not only planning to get married but are also intent on having a baby together.

In what they term a “Genetic Sexual Attraction” or GSA, two years ago after meeting his biological mother, Ben Ford, 32, left his wife Victoria for his mother, 30 years after she gave him up for adoption a week after his birth.

According to Kim West, 51, the biological mother in question, she has been in a relationship with her son for the last two years. She believes they are “meant to be” after having been forced to give him up for adoption when he was born 32 years ago.

As reported by the Mirror Online, the couple told The New Day that their sex life is “incredible” and that they are planning to get married, all the while insisting their relationship is in no way incestuous. They claim their relationship is GSA, the term given to relatives who feel sexual attraction for each other when meeting as adults.

Reportedly, the couple met after Ford – who was living in the U.S. at the time – sent his U.K.-born biological mother a letter back in 2013. They began exchanging telephone calls and eventually agreed to meet.

Reportedly the couple decided to meet up at a hotel, where they ordered a bottle of champagne before sharing their first kiss.

On meeting her biological son, West claims it was like they had “known each other for years,” saying she soon began to feel an attraction for Ford and found herself having erotic dreams about him.

She felt confused about her feelings and her attraction for her biological son and decided to search on the Internet, and after eventually finding an article about Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) – a recognized psychological syndrome – she says she felt like a weight had been lifted.

In Ford’s case, he had married his wife Victoria two years before, but upon meeting his biological mother, he split from her, saying Victoria was disgusted at the move.

Ford told West he felt relieved and explained to her he had stopped having feelings for his wife Victoria, and the couple went on to have sexual intercourse together several times. After this, he and West traveled to Michigan, where they enlisted the help of another GSA couple on how to set up life together.

West told The New Day that sex with her biological son Ben Ford was “incredible and mind-blowing,” adding, “This is not incest, it is GSA. We are like peas in a pod and meant to be together.”

She continued by saying she knows people will say what they are doing is disgusting and that they should be able to control their feelings, but “when you’re hit by a love so consuming you are willing to give up everything for it, you have to fight for it.”

West closed the interview saying, “It’s a once in a lifetime chance and something Ben and I are not willing to walk away from.”

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