Princess Diana Was Murdered By A Royal Cult According To This Conspiracy Theory

A book titled Royal Vengeance will hit the shelves of bookstores in January. In it, author Sarah Whalen details a bizarre conspiracy theory about the death of Princess Diana. She claims that the car wreck that killed the royal wasn't an accident but rather an orchestrated, intentional occurrence and that Diana was allowed to bleed to death upon arrival at the hospital. It's all part of an "ancient cult ritual" that dates back as far as Henry VIII whose wives Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were killed as part of the same ritual.

Daily Star reports that Whalen recently appeared on the Conspiracy Show podcast and discussed her theory about the circumstances surrounding Diana's death. She explained that there have always been battles among the powerful in England, especially among women. She described backstabbing among female royalty that extended to execution and even human sacrifice, a tradition she said goes back to ancient times. Whalen went further and said that "Diana was plotting a constitutional crisis and she made no attempt to hide it. She was meeting with the press all the time." As proof of her theory, Whalen said that the car wreck that killed the princess was the last of a series of car "accidents" she suffered in the days prior to her death.

Whalen's claims run contrary to official reports that placed blame for the deadly car wreck on Henri Paul, the driver of the car in which Diana was a passenger. An investigation found he was impaired by alcohol and prescription drugs when the crash occurred and found no involvement by anyone in the British government or the royal family. An inquest also took place in 2008, and it came to the same conclusion, that Henri Paul was guilty of the "unlawful killing" of Princess Diana and the other passengers and that neither the British government nor the royal family was involved in any way. That inquest, however, went a step further and also placed blame on the paparazzi who were following Diana's car and on her lack of seatbelt use.

Sarah Whalen is not the first person to suggest a conspiracy theory. With the princess in the car that night was Dodi Al-Fayed, her lover at the time. Dodi's father Mohamed Al-Fayed has suggested that Henri Paul worked for the British Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as M16. He has also proposed other theories that suggest involvement by the royal family and claims Diana was pregnant at the time of her death, providing a motive for her murder.