Molly Sims Introduces 7-Week Old Baby Boy To The World

Actress Molly Sims gave birth to her baby boy just seven-week ago and on Thursday she used her Personal website to introduce little Brooks Alan Stuber to the world.

On her website Sims talks about the life of a new mom while sharing photos and anecdotes

The actress writers of her new life with a little baby boy:

“My first seven weeks as a mama have been both amazing and hard.”

She goes on to add:

“There’s a lot of sleep deprivation involved, but I guess that comes with the territory! Brooks has been sleeping in 2½ to 3½-hour shifts, so I’ve been learning to nap when he naps.”

Like many first time parents Molly Sims and husband Scott Stuber admit to some overkill, for example dressing little Brooks up in three different outfits each day.

Sims goes on to share the emotion felt by many first time parents:

“I think that no matter how prepared you are — no matter how many hours you spend researching strollers, stocking up on organic baby food, and decorating the nursery — there’s simply nothing that can prepare you for the feeling that comes with holding your baby for the first time.”

You can view more pictures and learn more about her first weeks as a mom by visiting

In the meantime here is a sneak peek of mommy Molly with son Brooks:

Molly Sims Introduces Baby Boy

I have to applaud Molly Sims because she didn’t sell her sons first photos to a magazine or celebrity website but instead humanized her experience on her own terms.