Florida Man Gets Life In Prison For Setting His Wife On Fire

Palatka, Florida – Khalid Mohd allegedly set his wife on fire because she refused to return to their home country of Jordan so he could make his new lover his bride and live in America with her instead. A video of Rema Jamel’s testimony was played during Khalid Mohd’s sentencing hearing, noting she wanted him to be tortured, just like she had been.

Putnam County Circuit Judge Patti A. Christensen described the Florida man who set his wife on fire as having “no soul,” according to the Daily Mail. Khalid Mohd reportedly remained argumentative and defiant throughout his attempted murder, arson and aggravated battery trial.

Khalid Mohd initially told Florida police officers that Rema Jamel’s injuries were the result of a tragic accident but later amended his story and claimed his wife had sprayed herself with lighter fluid and set herself on fire. Jamel spent months in a burn unit getting treatments for the injuries she sustained after her husband set her on fire.

Once Jamel had recovered enough from her burns to speak, she told police officers that her husband had set her on fire because she refused to go back to Jordan so he could live here with his girlfriend. According to Jamel’s testimony, having multiple wives is legal in Jordan. Jamel also noted her husband planned to raise their two sons in Florida with his new wife, the Florida Times Union notes.

The couple’s children testified in court that they had heard an argument between their parents and later found their mom on fire. Jamel was reportedly upset that Khalid Mohd would not help her gain American citizenship. Khalid Mohd was sentenced to life in prison but still claims he did not set his wife on fire.

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