‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Spoilers Season 2 Episode 1: ‘Monster’ [Video]

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 is just days away and Episode 1, titled “Monster,” is going to deliver some major action. One thing that fans of The Walking Dead should know is that this spinoff is about to pick up the major action angle that its older cousin has adopted.

So now that Fear The Walking Dead is officially coming in for the summer to take over the major Sunday night time slot from its older cousin, there is much to be excited about. Especially since all of the major action is about to happen on the sea as opposed to getting chased by fresh new zombies on the land.

According to TV Guide, Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead will not have any significant time jump. As a matter of fact, Episode 1 picks up just a few hours after Season 1 ended, which was with all of the main characters at sea on Strand’s yacht. Suffice it to say, though, that Strand is going to be the same enigma that he was in the first season. His character is clouded in a mystery and there are only so many ways they can deal with him should he start lashing out at sea.

There will also be zombies that were freed from the arena roaming the city and terrorizing the people into the onslaught of the apocalypse. Fear The Walking Dead is really all about that – letting fans know how the zombie apocalypse emerged. It’s time to see just how it evolved and grew out of the control of the government.

But that main action on Episode 1 will be the people who are essentially trapped on the boat. Most fans believe that a boat can make people safe from the zombies, but this season on Fear The Walking Dead, they are going to show you that there really is no safe zone for these monsters and that even at sea, they can be killed by zombies.

The theme that is currently present on The Walking Dead is to always protect your family. That is a theme that is about to emerge on Fear The Walking Dead as well. Just like in both shows, the families are non-traditional and bound not by blood, but by apocalyptic survival.

Fear The Walking Dead showrunner Dave Erickson spoke with TV Guide about the season and the premiere episode. Suffice it to say, they are treading the canon line with The Walking Dead universe.

“Most of the narrative turns stem more from the interpersonal relationships we’ve established, and they’re just amplified by the presence of the infected and the end of the world,” Erickson told TV Guide. “One of the big challenges for our characters is deciding at what point do those we love compromise the greater good.”

The Walking Dead’s executive producer Greg Nicotero spoke with the Wall Street Journal about what Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead is going to focus on.

“I don’t think they [characters] have a plan in mind,” Nicotero told WSJ. “They’re just like, ‘We gotta get out of here.’ There is a character that has somewhere he or she is planning on going – and that plays a big part in, ‘Can these people trust each other?’ ‘What are they being pulled into?'”

What’s going to be even more exciting is to finally see that moment in the character Travis when he transitions from his naïve world view and sees survival for what it is – killing zombies.

“Everything takes its toll on people,” Nicotero said. “We’re going to see very dramatic changes in people.”

Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead premieres on AMC this Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT.

[Image via AMC]