‘Battleborn’ Bootcamp Trailer Prepares Players For Open Beta, Now Ready To Download

Between the 25 heroes at launch, the five factions, three competitive modes, and nine story episodes, players that pick up Battleborn should have plenty to accomplish. While teaming up with up to five players, Battleborn heroes work to earn loot, level up through three types of progression, and save the last star from slipping into the void.

It is no secret that Battleborn players will be able to take up arms against each other in the game’s competitive modes: Incursion, Meltdown, and Capture. However, Battleborn also offers cooperative players a chance to do their part. Nine story missions, and another five post-launch, are infinitely repeatable for loot, experience, and accolades. The Story Mode even comes in a Hardcore flavor for those looking for a greater challenge, and both the competitive and co-operative modes can be played splitscreen on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Of course, many players will want to get their hands on Battleborn before committing any of that real world cash to Gearbox Software’s latest effort. Luckily, the open beta is just hours away on the PlayStation 4 with the Xbox One and PC open beta period starting next week. Players can pre-load the open beta now across all systems according to the Battleborn website, and PlayStation 4 players can start playing on April 8. The open beta on Xbox One and PC will begin on April 13.

Although the open beta will conclude on April 18 and no progress will carry over to the game’s final release, the test is a perfect opportunity to learn more about Battleborn while helping test the game’s servers. Of course, it is always good to know what to expect in a new release video game that is introducing a new property. Gearbox Software is ready to meet that need with the latest Battleborn trailer, the bootcamp trailer.

This 12-minute long trailer introduces players to each and every one of the Battleborn heroes available at launch, in addition to briefly covering the game’s three competitive modes, in-game compensation, and the Helix system. The bootcamp trailer is introduced by Oscar Mike, an arguably obnoxious military clone ready to recruit heroes for the fight against Rendain in an effort to save the last star. The trailer is laden with humor Borderlands fans will likely enjoy as Oscar Mike is joined by ISIC, the former robot head of Minion Robotics, who enjoys a nice pun.

Rendain appears to be the main threat in Battleborn [Image via Gearbox Software]
The Battleborn bootcamp trailer shows off each hero and their strengths rather quickly. Among the 25 heroes, players will meet a bird with rocket launcher, a teenage girl with some kind of monster on her back, a vampire with three swords, and many others. Although these 25 Battleborn heroes will be available at launch, at least five more are planned to release after the game’s launch. These new heroes will be completely free, and no mode or map will ever be sold to players. Gearbox Software wants to keep players together, rather than divide them with paid modes and maps.

DLC is planned for Battleborn after its release, though. Five DLC packs are currently scheduled each with one Story Operation in addition to skins and taunts. Additional skins are expected to be sold in both the in-game store and as DLC. PlayStation 4 open beta players will receive the first DLC pack for free as well as an early unlock for one of the new heroes, named Alani, coming to Battleborn after launch.

Battleborn features both PvE and PvP modes [Image via Gearbox Software]
Playing during the open beta may pay off, too. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Gearbox Software is holding a sweepstakes during the open beta event for those that play. One grand prize winner will be randomly selected to receive a Las Vegas trip worth nearly $20,000. Additionally, 50 first prize winners will receive a copy of Battleborn. Players will need a SHiFT account to be eligible for the contest, and interested players should check out the Badass Weekend Sweepstakes page for more information.

[Image via Gearbox Software]

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