Play The ‘Battleborn’ Open Beta For A Chance To Win The Game, Las Vegas Trip

Later this week, the open beta for Gearbox Software’s hero shooter will be underway on PlayStation 4, with the PC and Xbox One open betas starting next week. Players eager to try Battleborn before buying it and those looking to help the developers test their servers are probably already looking forward to the testing period, but the game’s developers want even more players interested in the free, open beta.

To attract even more players to the open beta, the Battleborn team announced new sweepstakes on the game’s official site. One grand prize winner will win a trip to Las Vegas worth nearly $20,000 while 50 first prize winners will win a copy of Battleborn just for playing during the game’s beta. Players must register to get a code via the Badass Weekend Sweepstakes page. After receiving the code when the open beta starts, players will need to enter the provided code to their SHiFT accounts by logging in via the Battleborn open beta client.

A SHiFT account is an optional login for Gearbox Software games that lets the developer give away items via unique codes. For example, a SHiFT account is necessary to redeem golden key codes for games like Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. For Battleborn, a SHiFT account is required to enter the Badass Weekend Sweepstakes. Again, a SHiFT account is not necessary in order to play Gearbox Software games; however, it is an essential step in entering the sweepstakes.

Players can sign up for a free SHiFT account via the link provided on the SHiFT overview page on Gearbox Software’s website. A SHiFT login is also required for PlayStation 4 Battleborn open beta players if they wish to receive the free goodies offered to them. PlayStation 4 players will need to log in to their SHiFT accounts during the open beta in order to receive their fully unlocked access to the Alani character, in addition to a free download of the first DLC story pack after the game launches.

Marquis, the butler robot in Battleborn [Image via Gearbox Software]
Nothing from the open beta will carry over to the game’s release; however, the new sweepstakes and a chance to try Battleborn before buying it are just a few reasons to check it out. Players willing to test the open beta can start downloading it on April 6 in anticipation of the open beta dates on April 8 for PlayStation 4 owners and on April 13 for PC and Xbox One players. Dates in Asia are a little later; be sure to check out the open beta details on the official site for the specifics.

The open beta download size is relatively small, too. PlayStation 4 owners will download 8 Gb, Xbox One players will download 11 Gb, and PC testers will download 12 Gb. PlayStation Plus is not required to enjoy the open beta for Battleborn; however, Xbox Live Gold is required for public matchmaking.

Toby in a competitive Incursion mode [Image via Gearbox Software]
Battleborn launches on May 3 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The hero shooter includes three different types of progression tracks for players among 25 playable heroes at launch. Players will level a character from one to 10 in each match, unlocking and choosing the Helix options perfect for the current fight. Each of the 25 characters, and the additional five that will be released for free after the game’s launch, can be leveled from one to 15 with their own persistent Character Rank. This rank can be leveled through any activity in Battleborn including the game’s co-operative mode and its multiple competitive modes. Finally, players will be leveling up their Command Rank by playing any of the game’s heroes in the game’s various modes. As The Inquisitr reported, both the Character Rank and Command Rank unlock new titles, skins, and more.

[Image via Gearbox Software]