Anna Duggar Leans On Joy-Anna, Says It Was ‘A Blessing To Not Be Alone’ While Josh Was In Rehab [Video]

While Josh Duggar was in rehab, his wife, Anna, lived with her husband’s family and counts it among her many blessings. In Tuesday’s episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, Anna opened up about being separated from Josh and how she depended on her sisters-in-law to help take care of the couple’s four children.

Calling it “a blessing to not be alone,” Anna tearfully recounts that her sister-in-law Joy-Anna Duggar has particularly been “a ray of sunshine.” In past interviews, Anna explained that she cried many tears after learning Josh cheated on her. Although she briefly considered divorce, ultimately, Duggar decided to remain with her husband for religious reasons.

Tuesday’s episode was filmed while Josh was still in faith-based rehab after confessing to a pornography addiction and to cheating on Anna. He’s since left rehab to return to his home state of Arkansas, and to his family, although it’s obvious that the past few months have been difficult for Anna.

Anna confesses in the episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On that during her husband’s absence, it was “really good to cry,” and Joy-Anna was “definitely there” when she needed a shoulder to cry on. But it wasn’t all about tears, Anna Duggar revealed, and Joy-Anna also tried to cheer her wounded sister-in-law by suggesting “let’s get up, hold your head up and let’s go make some new memories.”

Joy shared similar words about her sister-in-law, explaining in an on-camera interview that “Anna has been the most amazing example just showing love, loving all her kids” while Josh was away. The couple have four children together, and Anna had her most recent child, Meredith, just months prior to Josh leaving for rehab.

Although she may have moved in with the rest of the Duggar family as part of their strict religious beliefs, Anna also likely needed help with her young children.

As part of making new memories, in the episode, Anna and Joy work together to help their little sister Jennifer Duggar find her lost glasses. Although they believe Jennifer misplaced the glasses on purpose, since she doesn’t like wearing them, Joy and Anna generously offer a quarter to the child who is able to locate the eyewear.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the Duggar family agrees that Joy lives up to her name. Jill & Jessa: Counting On star Jessa Duggar explains that “Joy is joyful,” while her brother Joseph gives a slightly different take. According to Joseph, Joy-Anna “will tell you like it is.”

The episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On also featured the Dugger women shopping in a thrift store. While they were supposed to look for toys for the tree house they just built, Jana, Anna, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy Duggar ended up looking at clothing instead!

Their love of clothing and makeup has become something of a family joke. Their brother Jedidiah Duggar laughingly explained in an on-camera interview that “whenever they go shopping for, let’s say, food, they always end up in the clothing section,” and the trip to Potter’s House Thrift Store was no exception!

The Duggar family is well-known for its strict sense of style. Women must not wear revealing clothing, so shirts with sleeves and skirts to their knees are a must. But, the adventure offered a number of options, including one shirt the women all exclaimed was perfect for Anna.

“It’s a lot of fun to be together, all of us sisters,” Jana says about the shopping trip, adding that “[i]t’s kind of rare these days” for all the women to get to spend time together.

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