Dog Gets In Ink: After 3 Hours At Movies, Family Comes Home To Calligraphy Ink Paw Prints Everywhere

The below photos show what happened when one family went away to the movies for three hours, and came home to find out that their beloved dog had gotten into the calligraphy ink. The dog must have found a ton of black calligraphy ink, because the photos display hundreds of paw prints tracked just about everywhere in the home. The dog was smart enough not to track black ink paw prints all over the bedroom, however, with a singular paw print on the family’s master bedroom bed.

The set of 11 images, titled on Imgur with the heading “A family went to movie for 3 hrs come back to this,” was uploaded to the site on April 4. In that time period, the photos have received nearly 400,000 views and more than 1,000 comments about the sneaky husky that was naughty enough to get into black ink and track it all over the previously pristine home.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the husky appears as if he knows he’s done something wrong, as he looks down sheepishly in the first photo as he sits among his black paw prints all over the place. Those viewing the dog’s ink photos have plenty of humorous comments, such as the person who commented that the husky must have remembered that he wasn’t allowed on the bed — and as such, held back from jumping on the bed with all of his black paw prints.

The photos show that the dog had taken a white purse type of item out of a bag, and big spots of black ink appear next it in what could be the home’s foyer. Almost no surface is spared from the black ink, with the dog apparently traipsing black ink on a pillow and the tile floor, as well as in the kitchen and bathroom.

The final photo, titled “the suspect tax,” shows the happy husky sitting on a woman’s lap.

For those worried about whether or not the black ink could have killed the dog if he had ingested the ink, the final caption on Imgur lets people know that the black ink was not toxic or poisonous for dogs.

“[By the way] it’s traditional ink for Chinese calligraphy practice, 100% bio and non-toxic to dog or human[s] :)”

Meanwhile, comments flowing into the Imgur gallery show that folks are concerned about everything from how the black ink was cleaned up to figuring out the dog’s motivation for such a mess. Others preached the merits of crating dogs when left alone — and giving them enough mental and physical stimulation via exercise.

“Maybe the dog just wanted to play a game of blues clues and got a lil carried away.”

“Hey, Calligraphy is a practice of some in Zen. What better example of Zen Calligraphy.”

“This does put things in the proper perspective. The person in trouble should be the one who left the ink accessible.”

“Reason #4513 why some people need to do research. Huskies/Malamutes are WORKING DOGS. Unfortunately they are also designer dogs..Which is sad. No wonder the poor bugger got into the calligraphy ink. Bored out of his skull.”

“I preach all the time about crating your dog when leaving them alone. Especially if it’s a dog that you just adopted. This scene could have been much worse. They could have come home to a dead dog.”

No doubt the husky’s owners will likely make sure to lock up their calligraphy ink in a much more secure location the next time they head out to the movies for three hours and leave their dog home alone. The penchant for mischief was well-witnessed by the viral set of photos.

[Image via Shutterstock]