Ohio Deli Owner Wants Store Removed From Obama Ad, Says It Is Hurting Business

Cincinnati, OH – A Findlay Market deli owner wants her store removed from a campaign ad for President Barack Obama, noting the appearance of her store in the political ad is hurting business. The Obama campaign ad featuring the Ohio deli is used to tout the president’s record on small business success. Debra Krause-McDonell told the Cincinnati Enquirer that she did not give permission for Krause’s deli to appear in the Obama ad.

Several seconds into the Obama ad, an employee from Klause’s is shown from behind as he pushes up the security door of the Cincinnati deli. A voice-over from President Obama during the Always ad informs viewers about the sacrifices small business owners make to create a successful company. Debra Krause-McDonell has reportedly been told by customers that they will no longer shop at the Ohio deli because of the Obama campaign advertisement.

Klause-McDonell noted during the Cincinnati Enquirer interview that she in contemplating legal action to have the images of her deli removed from the political advertisement. The Cincinnati cheese shop owner also added she would be just as angry if her deli appeared in a Mitt Romney commercial.

“I’ve been put into a position I didn’t ask for. I’m a little angry,” Debra Krause-McDonell stated, according to interview excerpts republished by USA Today.

The store manager featured in the Obama campaign commercial was told the filming was for a video about riot door protection. Hamilton County Democratic Party Director Caleb Faux researched the advertisement and spoke with Obama campaign officials in Columbus and stated the Krause’s store manager’s claims may be true.

“From my conversations with her, it’s clear she’s not an Obama supporter. So she’s got a political agenda,” Faux stated in response to Debra Krause-McDonell’s statements that she would be equally angry if her store appeared in a Mitt Romney ad.

The Democratic county leader discovered that Obama campaign ad footage was purchased from a Cincinnati video company and claims the Ohio deli manager was told the filming was about riot doors but could later be sold and reused for other reasons. Faux could not do anything to terminate the continued use of Krause’s deli in Obama commercials over the weekend when Krause-McDonell first contacted him but noted the Obama ad was scheduled to end on Monday anyway.

The Ohio deli owner maintains she still saw the Krause’s deli Obama ad after Monday. Even though the Obama commercial showcasing the Cincinnati deli is no longer showing on television, it is still featured on YouTube.

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