Dakota Fanning New Moon poster a fake

A New Moon poster featuring Dakota Fanning that’s making the rounds over the past couple days was created by a fan. The poster is not an official New Moon promo release.

Several sites have been circulating the New Moon poster featuring Dakota Fanning. Some claim the poster is authentic and some sites aren’t too sure, so the Inquisitr did a bit of digging and we found a Twilight fan site, TwilightMania.com that had published the New Moon poster on March 21, 2009.

The post at TwilightMania.com praised the artist, saying: “The Twilight Examiner posted this on their site. Wish I new who the creator of the poster was so I could give them credit! A new fan-made poster of Jane in New Moon really gives us an idea of how Dakota Fanning might look when portraying the part.”

After the initial post, a commenter on the site came forward as the creator and linked to it at his Deviantart.com account. The original New Moon poster featuring Dakota Fanning has since been removed from the site.