‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam’s Captivity Sets Off A Firestorm Of Chaos Between Quinn And Wyatt

Viewers are not going to want to miss Thursday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers detail that there will be an explosive confrontation at Quinn’s cabin now that Wyatt has found Liam there. Fans have been waiting for weeks to see this crazy situation come to light, and the time has finally come. However, there are twists and turns coming and everybody will be anxious to see what comes next.

As everybody saw on Wednesday’s show, Wyatt headed to his mom’s cabin to check in on her before she headed out of town. At the same time, Liam was asking more and more questions, leaving Quinn panicked, frazzled, and intent on maintaining her secret life. When Wyatt walked in and saw Liam kissing Quinn, the stage for a wild next episode of TheBold and the Beautiful was set.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoiler previews show Quinn frantically trying to convince Wyatt that he needs to give her a chance to explain. As We Love Soaps details, she will be desperate to get Wyatt on board with continuing her plan to keep Liam away from his old life. She will make no bones about how much her son stands to lose if his brother returns home.

In the preview video for Thursday’s show, Wyatt is seen taking pause for a moment. He certainly has to worry about both his position at Spencer Publications and his new marriage to Steffy should his brother head back home right now. As for Liam, he clearly was overwhelmed and confused as Wyatt first confronted Quinn in the cabin. Will he finally start piecing things together as the chaos continues on TheBold and the Beautiful?

Bill finally started to get serious about finding his son and TheBold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that he will connect with Steffy about the situation in the next show. She may be trying to say that she simply isn’t a part of her former fiance’s life any longer, but it seems Steffy and Bill will do some brainstorming about where this missing Spencer family member really might be.

Will Wyatt be swayed by his mother’s frantic arguments and agree to go along with her crazy scheme? TheBold and the Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central tease that Liam’s memories will come flooding back this week, but Quinn is going to go to great lengths to try to hold this all together.

As the rest of this week plays out, TheBold and the Beautiful spoilers share that Liam will be feeling increasingly overwhelmed. In addition, it seems that Quinn may do something drastic that manages to keep both guys at the cabin. During Friday’s show, the two men will be angling to turn the tables on her.

While it would seem easy to think that the guys will overpower Quinn and head back home, TheBold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that in the coming week, she may get a bit of help from someone surprising. Could Deacon pop back up again? It would certainly seem unlikely that he would be looking to help her, but his sudden reappearance could at least further shake things up a bit.

However complicated it may be to gain his freedom, viewers will see Liam and Steffy come face-to-face during the week of April 11. The coming week also brings more regarding Katie’s downward spiral and there is a big confrontation with Bill on the way. In addition, someone learns the truth about baby Douglas and this spells big trouble for Ridge. Will it be Rick who figures it all out?

What do you think will come next for Liam, Wyatt, and Quinn at the cabin? Tune into Thursday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful to see just where things head next now that someone else has uncovered the truth.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]