David Banner Lecture: What Changed His Mind About The Black Community?

David Banner, like everyone, has a past. Likewise, David is no longer the “thug” he portrayed himself to be years ago. People can change. And, here’s why.

During a recent public appearance, David Banner spoke to a New York crowd about a few serious issues plaguing the black community, mentally. Before Banner started his brief lecture, he asked people to put their phones and devices away in order to closely listen to his words. Also, David expressed that he was there to “talk to the people.” And, for the people who didn’t show to the event, Banner felt that they wouldn’t want the message anyway.

You can watch David Banner’s speech in the Facebook post, via The Real Kings of Memphis, below.

Disclaimer: The following video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

David Banner Speaks on the Black Community


David Banner elaborated on the importance of receiving support from the same celebrities and politicians that receive the people’s support. Banner emphasized that it’s quintessential that these celebrities come back and support the communities of people who support them. Likewise, David recalled how selfish he had been in his early music career. He stated as follows.

“For so long, I watched myself take and take and take from people, and we [celebrities] would never ever… give back. Everybody always says that they’re for the hood, and that they’re ‘100’…that they’re ‘gangsta’. But, when gangsta situations happen, we never see these people. When these cops are killing our children, where are the gangstas then!? All of the people who said they’re for the community, when the community needs them, I don’t see them! But, the flip side of that is, the artists that do stand for you — the artists who are in your community, the ones you can walk up to, speak to and shake their hands — you don’t support them!”

David Banner mentioned that the public didn’t have to agree with him. Yet, Banner continued by saying, “the artist that treats you like your oppressor, you love the most.” However, David wasn’t done with that statement, alone. He then mentioned, directly to the men, “the artists that say they’re coming to your town to screw your girl — because you’re broke and you’re nothing to him — you spend all your money with him.”

As Banner’s talk progressed, he stated that he had a similar mindset until he witnessed how the black community looked globally. David stated that, as a whole, the black community’s mentality is severely tainted. And, for the most part, Banner elaborated that everything from pimping and violence to degeneration of the people are done towards their own community.


David Banner further emphasized that people thought he became irrelevant when they weren’t hearing from him on a regular basis, especially via his regular sound and topic. When Banner’s song topics changed, his fan base didn’t exactly agree with him. But, after touring Europe, his perception of the black community became dramatically realized. “We look bad,” says David. He mentioned that the world mostly sees the black community from the perspective of “rap videos” and “reality TV shows.”

Banner added that he’s not knocking anyone’s “hustle.” However, he also mentioned that 90 percent of the time “if you sell dope, you’re selling it to your own folks!” And, to drive home the message, David Banner further stated as follows.

“And, if you’re pimping, you’re not doing it internationally. You’re only pimping people that look like your daughter and your mother! So, when I was overseas — and I got a chance to look at that — I was embarrassed!…And that bothered me…”

Recently, David Banner released an album titled The God Box. In essence, it shows how his mentality has changed from his collaborative “Rubberband Man” (T.I.) and “Like a Pimp” (Lil Flip) days to who he is today.

All in all, what are your thoughts on David Banner’s speech? Do you agree or disagree with his ideologies? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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