Jay-Z Banned From Beyonce Formation Tour? Singer ‘Desperate For Space,’ Moves Out Of Home, Insiders Say, As Divorce Rumors Loom

Are Beyoncé and Jay-Z much closer to a divorce than fans think? Recent reports claim Jay-Z has reportedly been banned from Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour because she allegedly needs “space” from her husband. Although the Jay-Z and Beyoncé divorce rumors seemed to have been allayed due to the recent headlines about their eighth wedding anniversary, the latest reports raise speculation about whether or not the anniversary was happily celebrated.

According to Radar Online, Beyoncé is “desperate for space” and wants Jay-Z nowhere near her while she’s on tour. An insider has shared details about Beyoncé’s alleged demands and why she and Jay-Z are having such a difficult time remaining amicable.

Apparently, Jay-Z and Beyoncé are having marital problems because their personal and professional lives are beginning to clash, and it’s reportedly becoming difficult to differentiate the two. The insider claims Jay-Z has become quite overbearing. So, Beyoncé thinks she and Jay-Z need time apart to just breathe and focus on doing things separately.

“She needs a break from him,” an insider told Radar of Beyoncé. “He never lets her out of his sight and it’s really bugging her out. She worries at how much they mix business and pleasure and she wants some breathing room so she can refocus on her music and tour.”

“Jay can be very domineering when it comes to her work and life and she’s starting to feel creatively stifled,” the insider continued. “She plans on writing new music on the road and she doesn’t want him there taking everything over all the time. Beyoncé really needs some space – and this tour is the perfect excuse,” said the insider.

The latest divorce rumors have yet to be confirmed or denied but, this isn’t the first time Jay-Z and Beyoncé have been rumored to have marital problems. In fact, Hollywood Life has also reported similar separation rumors but claim Beyoncé has already moved out of the home she shared with Jay-Z and is now living in a separate location with their daughter, Blue Ivy.

During a recent interview with Life&Style, a friend of the couple has revealed Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s marriage is indeed on the rocks despite the united front they’ve attempted to maintain for the public. But, are Bey and Jay really planning to call it quits right now? The friend offered clarity about their plans going forward. Although Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s actions appear to be the preliminary steps toward divorce, they have no plans to file any legal proceedings in the near future, according to the inside source.

“Neither one of them sees the point in divorcing at the moment,” another friend shares. “They don’t want to [sic] publicity and drama, and Beyonce really wants to focus on her upcoming Formation tour. So they’ve just decided to quietly live apart.”

However, previous reports suggest it’s only a matter of time before Beyoncé and Jay-Z are headed to divorce court. Less than a month before their eighth wedding anniversary, reports surfaced about a disastrous dinner party that took place at their home. That insider vividly described the intense night and how an estranged Beyoncé and Jay-Z reportedly could not mask their frustrations with each other.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z may be facing troubling times, but the opposition still may not lead to divorce. Maybe the rumored separation could lead to some form of reconciliation in the near future. As for now, Beyoncé reportedly wants to focus on her career and the highly anticipated Formation World Tour. Unfortunately, it appears resolving marital problems will have to wait as Beyoncé prepares to hit the road.

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[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]