Mischa Barton’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Experience Apparently Was Not Good For Her Or Anyone Else

Mischa Barton was eliminated in this week’s round of the Dancing With the Stars competition. During her time there, talk about how unhappy she seemed with the experience was widely observed and reported. Many were critical of Mischa’s attitude through her three short weeks on the dancing competition, and Barton added fuel to the fire with a backstage meltdown that was reported by Radar Online.

Mischa was the only DWTS contestant who did not congratulate Nyle DiMarco on his stellar performance on Monday night. She remained calm and composed while on stage, but once she was backstage, Barton’s conduct was what has been described as rude. She reportedly never warmed up to the other celebrity competitors, and Mischa’s night of elimination was no different.

“She acted so rude after the show ended last night… Mischa did not even seem to want to say goodbye to anyone. There were hardly any hugs or farewells… Misha just never seemed into it from day one… And her behavior certainly didn’t win her many friends on set.”

Reps for Barton denied the statements, according to the Mirror, calling them “absolutely untrue” and adding that “She was thankful to have had the experience of being on the show.”

Mischa did joke that there was tension between her and Dancing With the Stars professional dancer Artem Chigvintsev, stating that there should have been a reality show about them.

“I came straight out of a film and came into this, thought I was going to get this dance training. And it’s been a fun experience and I’ve learned a lot from Artem. Team Black Velvet, we’re a very interesting team. We should have had our own show… I feel like this relationship has had a lot of up and downs. It’s real. I feel it’s a blessing that someone would express their feelings how it is. I don’t want the BS. I don’t want someone to play ‘I’m so happy’ when they’re not. If you’re unhappy, then tell me. I want that. I want it to be real. I felt like after having a rough start we finally got somewhere, and I’m happy with where we got.”

Monday night was a night for Mischa Barton and the other Dancing With the Stars celebrity competitors to talk about a memorable year and their life and then translate that experience into a dance. Barton’s pre-dance video was painful to watch. It included Mischa telling Artem that she had expected him to make it a positive experience for her and that he had failed to do so. He responded that Barton already had it in her head that she would not enjoy it and that there was nothing he could do in that situation.

Mischa Barton is 30-years-old. She is mostly known for her role as Marissa Cooper on the Fox series The O.C. Barton received two Teen Choice Awards for that role. Mischa also had roles in the romantic comedy, Notting Hill (1999), and M. Night Shyamalan’s psychological thriller, The Sixth Sense(1999). She also starred in the critically acclaimed indie crime drama, Pups (1999).

Mischa was born in London and raised in New York City. Barton was named “It Girl” by Entertainment Weekly, and Hollywood Life named her the “Breakthrough Actress of the Year.” Barton has also received Cosmopolitan‘s “Fun Fearless Female Award” for “Knockout Ingenue” and has been among Glamour‘s “Women of the Year.” Barton was ranked as one of People magazine‘s “50 Most Beautiful People” for five consecutive years. Mischa has many other acting credits, including her 2012 role in a production of Steel Magnolias at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin.

[Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images]